King of Falafel

First, I should tell you that I have a new job. I am no longer driving over the Bay Bridge everyday because I found an opportunity closer to home. Praise God!
I am now working at UCSF (univ calif san fran) and I’m enjoying it so much.

I’m enjoying my new job especially because of the lunch options nearby. Yesterday, I grabbed a bite from King of Falafel, a Mediterranean place with a notably friendly staff. I walked up to this big glass display case filed with chickpeas, eggplant, and phyllo dough. I ordered the lamb shawarma on lavash bread “with everything”. When I go to a new place, I always order my food as the chef recommends to get the best impression of his intentions. So if the chef at KOF says I should eat mine with tahini, hummus, dill yogurt, pickles, and veggies, then I have to assume that’s the best option.

My shawarma was very messy and delicious. The lamb was tender an flavorful, the hummus was homemade and spicy, and the dill yogurt added a creaminess that tied it all together. Plus it was only $7.40!

This place is open and airy and perfect for a quick bite. The line wasn’t too bad on a Wednesday at 12:30. But the great thing is the employees. The gal behind the counter recognized that I was a little outta my element, so she took the time and patiently explained each item in the display. It was very thoughtful.

King of Falafel
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