The Sunset is the Sunniest

The Sunset District is one of the prettiest neighborhoods in San Francisco. It’s located on the Pacific coast in the southwest corner of the city. It’s known to be a surf-y community with a small-town feel. I’ve heard it called SF’s “urban suburb”. I went down there last week and took pictures right at sunset.

I think the houses in this area are so fun! They’re all painted bright colors like pink and yellow; it reminds me of South Beach in Miami. And all the houses touch and that makes these adorable streets with picturesque houses along each side. The neighborhood is divided into four subsections: the Inner Sunset, the Outer Sunset, Parkside, and West Portal. Each of these has is own charm and personality, and is worth a blog article of their own.

Some other cool things include the streets are in alphabetical order: Hugo, Irving, Judah, Kirkham, Lawton, Moraga, Noriega, Ortega, Pacheco, Quintara, Rivera, Santiago, Taraval, Ulloa, Vicente,Wawona, Xavier and Yorba. Also, the HQ of CraigsList is in this neighborhood.

West Portal Lutheran Church

In case you’re wondering, yes the zoo is in the Sunset. In full disclosure, I’ll admit I took all these pictures the same day I visited Banana Sam. I thought it was a really fun way to spent the day: start by visiting the animals at the zoo, then finish your day with a sunset picnic on the beach. Trust me, you’ll love it!


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