Tahoe: Same Place, Different Weather

Last weekend I got the chance to go skiing at Lake Tahoe. I have been to Tahoe before, but that was over July 4th weekend. So the activities this go round were completely different.

First off, this is a beautiful area all. year. The lake and the mountains and the scenery are unlike any I’ve seen before. And in February, there is snow everywhere. Being from Georgia, I haven’t had much exposure to snow, so I am ever in awe of how serene and perfect the world looks when covered in snow.


This weekend I stayed with a group of people in a cabin in South Lake Tahoe. I have observed that there are many lodging opportunities: cheap hotels, nice hotels, cabins, houses, etc. It’s set up so you can come for any length of time, and with any number of people.


On Saturday, I got up bright and early to hit the slopes with my group. Apparently, the snow is better for skiing in the morning. I was at the Sierra Mountain Resort (www.sierraattahoe.com), which is a few miles west of downtown South Lake Tahoe. I was able to rent pants, jacket, boots, and skis all from the resort.  I was glad I could enjoy myself and  didn’t have to buy any of those big ticket items. I took a ski lesson and learned all the ins and outs, like how to stop, how to stop, and how to stop.


I worked up quite an appetite during the lesson, so at that point I took a break and got lunch with my group at the ski lodge. After lunch, I spent the afternoon falling down the hill, losing my skis, and using muscles I didn’t know existed. But the view was so gorgeous that it was worth it!


A week ago, I was very scared of skiing. But now I can say that it’s actually a lot of fun! And South Lake Tahoe is beautiful this time of year! There are all these snow people walking around in their wool caps and drinking hot cocoa. It’s this wonderful mountain escape!




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