Riding the bus to work (aka, a lesson in gratitude)

I am grateful that I’m not commuting 45 min /1 hr each way.
I am grateful that there is a bus line that goes directly from home to work and only takes 20 minutes.
I am grateful that I have strong healthy legs to walk to the bus stop and to stand while riding.

But above all, I am so thankful that the MUNI website has a “Contact Us” section so I can easily send them my suggestions. For example, I suggest that they add more buses to the 24 route between the hours of 7:00 to 9:00am. It would be awesome if there weren’t 200 people crammed on the bus, with some standing in the stairwell and others pressed against the window.

It would also be great if there was a “No Talking” rule, and a “If I Can Hear Your Music Thru Your Headphones, It’s To Loud” rule.

Yes, some days it’s annoying. And some days I’m late to work. But I try to remember that this is so much better than driving an hour each way in b-2-b traffic.

Please tell me your thoughts about riding the bus or share your best muni story!
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Ringing in the New Year

image from sf.funcheap.com

I don’t normally write about “fun things to do today”. The  responsibility of event information belongs to http://sf.funcheap.com. I depend on them (and their weekly newsletter) to keep me informed of activities in my city.

But I am straying from the norm, and I’m telling you about a few great ways to celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight. I am going to list the five events that appeal to me, but I assure you that there are many many more possibilities. If you are into the clubbing scene, there are hundreds of clubs hosting parties with young people dancing to techno music. I feel like every city has techno dance parties on NYE night. I’m going to try to show you some interesting ideas that are unique to San Fran.

1. The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Grace Cathedral
Grace Cathedral is this beautiful church in downtown SF that was built to look like Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. So what better place to watch the movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame? This is not the Disney movie that we all know and love. This is the silent film from 1923. The movie is showing at 7 and 10pm tonight, and tickets are $20. More info.

image from goldensilents.com

2. Midnight Hike and Fireworks Show
Meet at the Ferry Building at 8pm (and bring a flashlight!) for a hike through the San Francisco hills that ends with a picnic and a great view of the fireworks. Oh, and it’s FREE! Call (510) 530-3565 if you’re interested. More info.

3. Winter Wonderland Amusement Park
This amusement park is in San Jose, so it’s a little bit of a drive. But it’s a whole carnival decorated with holiday lights to give it a cozy winter-y feel. The park itself is free, and unlimited ride tickets are $15. Open until 1am. More info.

from pathosphotos.com

4. Free Rides Home
Tonight only, between the hours of 10pm and 2am, all cabs and buses are FREE!! I was pretty impressed when I found this. It’s like the whole city got together and agreed that safety is more important than money. More info.

5. Fireworks
Don’t worry, there will be fireworks tonight.The fireworks will be released from a boat in the bay that’s kinda close to the Ferry Building. But don’t go to the Ferry Bldg to watch them. You need to go to Treasure Island, or to Sinbad’s restaurant to view the show. More info.

Everybody be safe tonight, and happy new year!

courtesy of sanfranciscosentinel.com

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