Riding the bus to work (aka, a lesson in gratitude)

I am grateful that I’m not commuting 45 min /1 hr each way.
I am grateful that there is a bus line that goes directly from home to work and only takes 20 minutes.
I am grateful that I have strong healthy legs to walk to the bus stop and to stand while riding.

But above all, I am so thankful that the MUNI website has a “Contact Us” section so I can easily send them my suggestions. For example, I suggest that they add more buses to the 24 route between the hours of 7:00 to 9:00am. It would be awesome if there weren’t 200 people crammed on the bus, with some standing in the stairwell and others pressed against the window.

It would also be great if there was a “No Talking” rule, and a “If I Can Hear Your Music Thru Your Headphones, It’s To Loud” rule.

Yes, some days it’s annoying. And some days I’m late to work. But I try to remember that this is so much better than driving an hour each way in b-2-b traffic.

Please tell me your thoughts about riding the bus or share your best muni story!
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