And Now I Want Pumpkin Pie…

WELCOME FALL!!! I have missed you!

Fall is by far my favorite season. I have always loved Fall because it brings much-needed relief from summer weather. In San Francisco, summer is cold and foggy, but fall is warm and sunny! That means shorts, sandals, and enjoying a breeze from the open window while I write. And people pour out onto the streets as if they’ve been cooped up their whole lives.

Today, I celebrated fall at the Noe Valley Harvest Festival ( on 24th St between Sanchez & Church). This is the annual street fair in my neighborhood. It’s pretty typical with its face-painting, dunking booth, and caramel apples. But it also included a farmer’s market with squash and other fall vegetables piled high.

I found a booth with a juicer called Juicy Lucy’s. They were making fresh juice, smoothies, and shakes. I chatted with the gal covered in fruit bits and asked her about her favorite drink. She recommended the date shake. A date shake sounds kinda weird, but I figured, why not? Well, it was a winner! The date shake was an awesome fall beverage (on par with the pumpkin spice latte). It contained dates, bananas, and nutmeg, and it was delicious!!

As I sipped my  milkshake, I wandered down to the stage to listen to the music. On stage, was a local group called The Family Crest. I was honestly expecting to hear average music (you know, stand there for five minutes then find something better to do), but this group was anything but average!

The band contains 6 members: a very talented lead singer, a violinist, a cellist, a flute/timpani player, a guitarist, and a drummer. I couldn’t believe there was a violin, a flute, and a cello in their band! They were “an orchestral indie band” that sounded like Panic at the Disco with a celtic element mixed in. By the third song, I was in love! The Family Crest is playing at 330 Ritch on 10/20, and Cafe Du Nord on 11/18.

Go to to hear their music.
Here’s a video of The Family Crest:

Hats off to you, Noe Valley! Your Harvest Festival was the perfect fall treat

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