King of Falafel

First, I should tell you that I have a new job. I am no longer driving over the Bay Bridge everyday because I found an opportunity closer to home. Praise God!
I am now working at UCSF (univ calif san fran) and I’m enjoying it so much.

I’m enjoying my new job especially because of the lunch options nearby. Yesterday, I grabbed a bite from King of Falafel, a Mediterranean place with a notably friendly staff. I walked up to this big glass display case filed with chickpeas, eggplant, and phyllo dough. I ordered the lamb shawarma on lavash bread “with everything”. When I go to a new place, I always order my food as the chef recommends to get the best impression of his intentions. So if the chef at KOF says I should eat mine with tahini, hummus, dill yogurt, pickles, and veggies, then I have to assume that’s the best option.

My shawarma was very messy and delicious. The lamb was tender an flavorful, the hummus was homemade and spicy, and the dill yogurt added a creaminess that tied it all together. Plus it was only $7.40!

This place is open and airy and perfect for a quick bite. The line wasn’t too bad on a Wednesday at 12:30. But the great thing is the employees. The gal behind the counter recognized that I was a little outta my element, so she took the time and patiently explained each item in the display. It was very thoughtful.

King of Falafel
Divisadero and Bush







New Korean Barbeque

I had the best Labor Day imaginable. My sweetheart and I went hiking at Muir Woods early in the day (which, for us is noon). Muir Woods is so great because it accommodates people of all fitness levels. There is a wooden boardwalk for strollers and wheelchairs, but there’s also dirt trails for the more adventurous. He and I chose the hillside trail that took us up into the redwood canopy with the view of the babbling brook below. It was so nice. Plus it wasn’t terribly crowded (not like I feared anyway). We spent money in the gift shop and then headed home over our beloved bridge.


That evening, we ate dinner at a new restaurant in the Castro called K*Pop. It’s named after a popular style of Korean music, and all the food is, of course, Korean too. He and I chowed down on Bimbimbap and Bulgogi with lots of Kimchi and pickled vegetables on the side. Oh, and rice. The food is so excellent and I ate way too much of it. The sauce on the Bulgogi is sweet and spicy and compliments the bbq beef really well!




The restaurant is very modern and clean with stainless steel tables and kitchen. But the one thing that stands out most at this place is the giant tv playing nonstop K*Pop music videos, complete with barely-dressed, barely-legal Korean girls. I live in America, so I’m not sure I can judge other countries’ music videos (we have Miley, afterall). I was just a little bit shocked that there was so much eye-candy during my dinner. And I was shocked that no one else seemed to notice.

My hubs and I finished out our day at our second home, the Castro Theater, with a screening of Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo. This movie has a special place in my heart because (a) it’s filmed in SF, and (b) I love Hitchcock! It was especially fun this time because there is a scene that was filmed at Muir Woods. James Stewart walks right past that giant cross section of a Redwood, and we were like “OMG we were just there!!”


Muir Woods
1 Muir Woods Road
Mill Valley, CA 94941

18th and Castro

Castro Theatre
Market and Castro


Syriasly, you Saud to try this restaurant!


Fattoush is my best friend’s favorite restaurant. She’s been talking about it for years, but I never had the chance to try it until I stumbled upon it last week. My friends and I had dinner plans that fell through, and I was so excited that we ended up at Fattoush instead. I can’t believe I delayed trying this restaurant!

My friends and I sat at a small mosaic-coated table and shared a bottle of wine that the owner recommended for us. We started our meal with pita bread and hummus appetizer and arabian egg rolls. Hummus is one of those dishes that just isn’t the same when it’s store-bought. Homemade hummus is where it’s at! It was so creamy and spicy!



For dinner, our table was  covered with plates of lamb kebobs, olives, tabouli, lentils, and garbanzo beans. The kebobs looked fantastic with grilled vegetables! I ate a dish called Beriani. It was lamb, potatoes, yellow rice, raisins, and garbanzo beans all dredged in a cinnamon yogurt sauce. It was so. delicious. Possibly the greatest meal I’ve ever had!. The lamb was so tender… little bites of heaven. The yogurt sauce was rich and fattening, and the whole plate smelled like Christmas!


The inside of this restaurant is warm and inviting with bench seats and lots of pillows. It’s very colorful and the stained glass makes it feel exotic. Most of all,  I appreciated that they didn’t add any kitchy snake charmers or other steotypes.  If the whole city was on fire, and I could only save one restaurant, I would save this one!

26th and Church St.


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 7.42.04 PM IMG_5537

Slide into Sliders

Another post about hamburgers

So I guess I really love burgers. I have never written about anything twice in one week, but here I am writing again about beef. I had another delicious meal and I just had to share it with you!

Sliders is a burger place in the Castro. I ate there before seeing Metropolis at the Castro Theatre. I ordered their signature cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. The meat was cooked on a spinning grill over and open flame. It was served to me as just meat and cheese on a bun, then I got to pile on my own accoutrements at their gorgeous “toppings bar”. I chose the standards: lettuce onion tomato pickle mustard mayo.

My dinner was fantastic! The burger was the star of the show. It was so savory and beefy that I almost didn’t need the buttered bun, dressings, or accessories. But of course, those things pushed it over the top. Now I’m going to say something crazy. You may want to sit down.

Sliders has the best burger in town

I told you all about Barney’s, raved about Burgermeister, applauded Whiz Burger, and celebrated Burger Bar. All of these are great places, and I would praise them again. But I’ve decided that Sliders is my favorite.

And if you’re a vegetarian, you should go to Sliders for the tv. I just sat there for thirty minutes and watched America’s Funniest Videos.

On Castro St between Market and 18th







Modern Mexican at Papito

A Great Blog

I found another blog about SF and I’m loving it! It’s called MUS-e-YUM, written by a guy named Mark. He’s been writing about restaurants, designs, gardening and photography since 2010. I think he gives a great picture of what it’s like to live in San Francisco. Please check out his blog and give him some love! 


Mark wrote about a restaurant called Papito, and he inspired me to try it. Papito is a modern, organic Mexican restaurant. The inside is tiny, but the experience is huge! The decor is gorgeous: modern and colorful, with Mexican flare. The staff is really friendly, and the food is excellent! The meal started with tortilla chips that come with three different dipping sauces: traditional tomato salsa, green tomatillo salsa, and spicy mango sauce. I was so impressed that they served a unique version of the typical chips n salsa. Ten points to them. For my entree, I had the cevice and two carnitas tacos. Both were excellent!

18th and Connecticut


courtesy of MUS-e-YUM

photo courtesy of MUS-e-YUM

photo courtesy of MUS-e-YUM

photo courtesy of MUS-e-YUM

Delicious burger in a sketchy package


Delicious Burger

I am a good ol’ American and I love a good ol’ hamburger! I found a pretty decent contender for Best Burger at a local place called Whiz Burger.

I’m going to start by telling you about the delicious food!  It was a juicy, flavorful burger on a french roll topped with avocado, bacon, cheese, mustard, ketchup, etc. The large volume of food required a paper wrapping to keep it all contained. They served regular fries and waffle fries which were both awesome! The regulars were crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and sprinkled with salt. Just the way I like ’em! And they have milkshakes too!

I’ve had like a thousand hamburgers in my lifetime, and like a couple hundred in SF alone. At the end of the day, I prefer a hamburger that tastes like it was made in a diner. I rarely crave the ones at Mickey D’s, I will never pay $15, and I like my burgers greasy. There I said it!

IMG_5410 IMG_5407

Sketchy Package

Okay, so the Mission District is… full of personality. This joint is right in the heart of the Mission, and it’s…. a little shady. I feel like this place used to be a drive-in. It’s got all that 1960’s doo-wop going on. The kinda place where you stay long enough and start imagining “Ram-a-lam-a Ding Dong” and poodle skirts. It’s not a drive-in anymore (because it’s 2013), but they are still cranking out the food of the good ol’ days.

They haven’t really changed anything since it opened. And nothing has been updated, and it could all use a coat of paint.  The only place to sit is a pair of run-down picnic tables out front, and the surrounding neighborhood is not very pretty. One reviewer on yelp actually called it sketchy with a capital “SK”.

I always want to be be honest with you and tell you what you’re in for. If you’re searching for a tasty, juicy, meaty hamburger and a pile of hot crispy fries, then I highly recommend eating at Whiz Burger! Just maybe go during the day…. with a friend….

Whiz Burger
18th and Van Ness




Say Cheese!

Grilled Cheese

I found an entire restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s called The Melt! I had the classic with a thick layer of cheddar cheese on hearty white bread. It was grilled in butter and sprinkled with garlic and proprietary spices. This sandwich rated a 10/10 on the Gooey Cheese Scale. The tomato basil soup I had on the side was amazing, and took me back to my childhood! It was like Campbell’s, but more tomato-y, more basil-y, and more delicious-y!



They have a very simple menu: about nine sandwich choices, including a mac-n-cheese sandwich, and about four soups. I am really indecisive so I love a place with only a few choices. And the limited menu gives the impression that they focus their efforts on making really good food.


The Restaurant of the Future

This place is overflowing with technology! The young lady at the door took my order on her iPad, and then my name appeared on a giant TV with a countdown to ready. And they have an app! So you could sit at your desk, whip out The Melt app and order lunch. Then by the time you walk over there your food is ready!

While you’re visiting the app, be sure to tell The Melt about your favorite band. While you’re dining, listen up to hear your music on the jukebox!


The Melt app. Find it in the iTunes store!


Modern Done Right

Let’s start with the name. The Melt is the chicest name I’ve heard in a while. And the chicness continues when you go in. The whole place is white with pops of orange (because it’s two blocks from AT&T). The clean lines, simple white furniture, and giant TVs give the feeling like you’re eating on a spaceship. But it’s not sterile. They somehow accomplish clean and modern, but comfortable and inviting at the same time.

And they have zero trash,… which is very SF!

The Melt
3rd and Townsend (plus many more locations)




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