Batkid saves SF. I love this city.

I am sure that you’ve already heard his story, but I want to tell you my version.

Miles Scott is a 5-year-old boy who defeated leukemia earlier this year. To celebrate his victory over cancer, the Make-A-Wish Foundation threw him the party of a lifetime. They staged a series of crimes and damsels in distress for him to rescue as Batkid. The mayor of San Francisco and the SFPD were involved and over 10,000 SF residents showed up to cheer him on.



Several of my coworkers took half-day on Friday to go to Union Square and watch Batkid rescue a girl who was tied to the train tracks. I stayed at worked but followed the story on Twitter. After Union Square, he traveled in “The Batmobile” to AT&T Park and rescued Lou Seal from a villain. His last stop was a cheering crowd at City Hall where Mayor Ed Lee thanked Batkid and gave him a key to the city.

And, of course, #SFBatKid‘s day ended with a key to San Francisco and our hearts: #Nightline

— Nightline (@Nightline) November 16, 2013


My husband attended the ceremony at City Hall and he said that he was amazed by the crowd that showed up to support this kid. His exact quote was “giant mass of humanity”. My husband was moved by this little kid and his incredible story, and I know he wasn’t the only one. For one day, we as a city were united by this little boy and all rooting for him as one. I think that is the greatest thing that Batkid did… he saved SF for one day.

here i am, stressing about code reviews and deadlines, and here is this stream of BatKid pictures. silently weeping at my desk.

— Chad Etzel (@jazzychad) November 15, 2013



7 things I miss about Georgia

Because I write a blog about SF, I feel like I’m supposed to be mega in-love with this city all the time. But that’s not the case. There are times when the concrete wears on me, and the hustle and bustle gets me down. Today in particular, I’m feeling homesick, and I’ve got Georgia on my mind…

1. Seasons

When I lived in Georgia, summer seemed to last for ages. It would be so hot hot hot, for months. And October would arrive and it was still hot. And then one day, I’d walk out of the house and be like “Hmmm, I need a light jacket today”. That was my favorite day of the year! It was that desperately-awaited break from the heat.

San Francisco is known for its “great weather”. It is 65 degrees and mostly cloudy every. single. day. Jeans + sweater + scarf. Every. single. day. Check the weather in Jan, May, Aug, or Oct and it’s always 65 degrees and I’M SICK OF IT!

2. Georgia Tech Football

I avoid Facebook following the Homecoming game. If I sign on and see my friends wearing white and gold, marching down the hill, and cheering on the Jackets, it makes my heart ache. I watch all the games still, but it is nothing compared to seeing them play in Bobby Dodd Stadium. This past week was band camp, and I got so nostalgic seeing all of @GeorgiaTechBand‘s pictures.

Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 6.50.28 PM



3. Cheap Rent

Ask anybody to name the thing they hate most about SF. They will say the rent, the rent, the rent. The fact that I have to pay $1800 per month for a 1BR 600-sqft apartment is ridiculous. But the worst part is that my rent is cheap compared to the city average! This place is surrounded by water on three sides, so there’s no more room for more apartments. That causes the supply/demand model to be completely broken.

I know people who live in Georgia and pay less than half what I do, and they have a ton of space and closets and a DISHWASHER!! Click here to see a map of San Francisco with the average rent for a 1BR apartment. 

4. Barbecue

If I describe my perfect day, it would include a backyard, a cold beer, and the smell of charcoal. I can’t think of anything better. I don’t get barbecue very often here in SF because (a) no one has a backyard, (b) it’s too cold, and (c) it’s not really that important. I have dreams about pulled pork with a side of baked beans. I love the feeling of sticky BBQ sauce all over my fingers and face. Mmmm, I really miss the taste of juicy, smokey, grilled-all-day pork!

pork sandwich at country’s barbecue, columbus ga

5. Swimming

How can I miss swimming when I live 3 miles from the ocean? I’ll tell you. The Pacific Ocean is like ice water and I wouldn’t even stick my toes in!

I grew up with a pool in the backyard, a lake house close by, and the beaches of Panama City just 4 hours away. I could swim while I was still in diapers, and I didn’t stop until I moved away. I have so many fond memories of the summers I spent at Lake Martin… skiing, lounging in the sun, and eating fresh picked blueberries. Some of you are probably sitting by the pool, with your toes in the water, reading this blog on your ipad right now!


lake martin alabama. photo was taken by my mamma.


6. Spanish Moss 

I was in Georgia this past June, at Sea Island. One afternoon I took a bike ride down a street that was canopied in oak trees and spanish moss. It was so peaceful and calming, and filled my heart with joy… I felt like I was home. The old oak trees remind me of a simpler time… you know, the era of “sitting on the porch and drinking sweet tea” that they sing about on country radio. On top of all that, spanish moss always makes me think of Savannah, which is one of my favorite cities in the world.


7. My Family

The only reason why I love Georgia so much, is because my family is there. My family has had celebrations and tragedies this year. I’ve tried to be there as much as possible, but I’ve also missed a lot! The little things like birthdays, and game nights. I spend a lot of time pondering the pros and cons of living in SF. I love this city, but today the fact that I’m missing my family is outweighing the good.  At the end of the day, it’s not the city where you live but the people you’re with that matters most.


Afraid of the Farmers Market


My name is Kim Etzel, and I am afraid of the farmers market.

It’s unfamiliar. Outside my comfort zone. It makes me anxious.

I feel like I’m supposed to shop at the market because everyone else in town shops there. And I feel left out. I’ve been doing research lately on the importance of buying local produce (which I’d be happy to go into some other time). Plus I have this feeling that seeing all the beautiful fruits and veggie laid out on the tables will get me more excited to eat healthy.

Several times I have asked knowledgable friends to go with me, but they laugh and say “what’s the big deal?” No one laughs at a fear of the dentist, or the gym, or the shady gas station. But apparently market phobia is funny.

Now for today’s entertainment, I give you The Top 10 Reasons why I am afraid of the farmers market:

10. I’d have to get cash.

9. I’d have to bring my own bag. 

8. I’d have to peel my own carrots.
Seriously. I think my peeler is in the closet with the tortilla maker and the coffee grinder.


7. I am afraid of looking stupid.
This is a fear in all aspects of my life, but specifically when I’m in a new situation.

6. I am afraid of bartering.
I was in Mexico a few years ago and I had to barter with the merchant for a bag I liked. I was so timid that I probably overpaid for the souvenir.

5. I am afraid of socializing. 
People go to the market to see their friends and I’m like GTFO of my way.

4. What if the farmer doesn’t speak English?

3. What if I buy too much and it spoils before I have a chance to use it?

2. What if I buy something and it tastes bad?

and the number one reason I am a scaredy cat is….


1. I am afraid of turning into a hippie. 

Well this story has a happy ending, folks! Today was a beautiful day and I decided to bite the bullet and face my fear at the Castro Farmers Market. First steps: I got a reusable bag from home and I went to the ATM. Okay that wasn’t so bad.

Then, I walked to the market. Easy peasy (and the added bonus of exercise)!

Next, I bought a lemonade, found a bench, and just watched for a minute. I saw people talking to the farmers and cashiers and asking questions. “What is this?” “How to I prepare that?” I watched them find the secret stash of plastic containers to fill with little tomatoes or blackberries. This all made my confidence grow.

I got up and walked down the passageway. A man pushed a slice of peach on a stick in my face and said “Free sample?”. Yes please! I munched on a juicy peach and decided I was kinda having fun. Then I ate a free sample of fig, and a sample of apricot.


I walked into a tent and recognized several of the vegetables on the counter. Celery, broccoli, green beans… (oh my!). These things are comfortable to me. I reached under the table and got a little plastic container like I saw people doing before. I filled it with green beans and weighed it. One half pound! Just the right amount.

I took my beans and also some broccoli to the cashier. He weighed them and said “three dollars”. No haggling. No gimmicks. Just $3. What a huge relief! At this point I felt pretty proud of myself. I bought some tiny tomatoes from a vendor on the corner. And I got carrots and peppers from the stand next to the crazy guitar singer.


I am very pleased with my adventure to the Castro Farmers Market today! It wasn’t so scary after all. And look! I got all this for only $7.75! (and those red and yellow tomatoes are little bites of heaven). Maybe these California hippies have the right idea.

The Castro Farmer’s Market is open Wednesdays, during Mar – Dec, from 4-8pm. It sets up at the corner of Market and Noe St. 


Here’s are several sites that list of all the farmer’s markets in town. I bet you can find one that’s close to home, and fits into your schedule. 


Pix of Our Apartment II

I posted pictures of our apartment in March of 2011, and I did not like this apartment back then. I spent the last year and a half adding furniture, art, throw pillow, and other homey touches. I guess I could say decorating is kind of a hobby for me. I really enjoyed it. So now I can say that I am happy with my place. It’s small, but it’s home!

Check out the before pictures here!

Photo Dec 13, 8 45 46 PM Photo Dec 13, 8 46 24 PM


I hope IKEA is enjoying all the free advertising.

Photo Dec 13, 8 46 31 PM Photo Dec 13, 8 47 33 PM

Oh, the Mountain Dew tree. a.k.a. the only interesting thing I’ve ever done..

Photo Dec 13, 8 47 52 PM Photo Dec 13, 8 48 26 PM

The bathroom looks the same. I just added candles and whatnot.

Photo Dec 13, 8 49 08 PM Photo Dec 13, 8 50 03 PM

I love throw pillows on the bed! It makes me makes me want to jump in!

I hung a shoe organizer on the closet door in the hallway. I store all my toiletries in it because there’s no room in the bathroom (or in the closet, for that matter).

Photo Dec 13, 8 51 50 PM Photo Dec 13, 8 53 42 PM

My 100th Post!!

100 episodes! Yay, that means I can go into syndication! I started this blog over two years ago and I can’t believe I’ve kept it going. I’m so thankful to live in such an awesome city that provides me endless inspiration to write. Since it’s been 100 articles, I thought it was time for a facelift. Whaddyathink? I like the new direction that the blog is going and I think this new layout gives it a fresh vibe.

So now, for my 100th post, I presenting
my 100 favorite things I’ve experienced in San Francisco.

100 . the view from coit tower
99 . hiking at sutro baths
98 . chinese new year parade
97 . tree lighting at union square
96 . watching GT football at the blue light

95 . crepes at the crepevine
94 . hiding after the giants won in 2010
93 . movies at the metreon
92 . tanker ships
91 . bay bridge at night
90 . skyline at night
89 . shopping at pier 39
88 . the arrow at the end of folsom

87 . the rocket at the ferry building
86 . farmers market at the ferry building
85 . alemany farmers market
84 . driving over the golden gate bridge
83 . the view from twin peaks
82 . running by willie mayes statue
81 . ice cream at mitchells
80 . christmas decorations at the airport
79 . the fountain at the civic center
78 . crème brule from a food truck

77 . anchor steam beer
76 . burgers at barneys
75 . chocolate sundaes at the ghiradelli shop
74 . riding the bus
73 . street musicians in chinatown
72 . fog like I have never seen before
71 . the botanical gardens at golden ate park
70 . the architecture in the haight

69 . st peter and pauls cathedral
68 . ice cream at bi-rite creamery
67 . ramen noodles at katana-ya
66 . naked people
65 . crazy costumes at halloween
64 . the madhouse that is bay to breakers
63 . musicians in the subway station
62 . the exploratorium
61 . volunteering at city impact
60 . dim sum at yank sing
59 . the palace of fine arts

58 . flash mobs
57 . bubble tea
56 . aids awareness on twin peaks
55 . trash, recycle, and compost
54 . bicycles. Everywhere.
53 . doggy drinking fountains
52 . the rants of homeless people
51 . the flowers on lombard street
50 . walking up the hill to my house

49 . all the cute shops on chestnut st in the marina
48 . the plants in shoes at alamo square
47 . gawking at the giant houses in the inner sunset
46 . my view of the city on my daily commute
45 . the water truck on halloween night
44 . hosting my family for thanksgiving
43 . my “stay”cation at fishermans wharf



42 . deep dish pizza at patxis
41 . carrying groceries on the bus
40 . dinner at bobos
39 . flying into SFO over water
38 . voting in a blue state
37 . cheap souviners in chinatown
36 . the view from crissy fields
35 . the painted houses in the sunset


34 . dogs in the window of macys
33 . the crowds at dolores park on a sunny day
32 . the sunset
31 . ballgames at at&t park
30 . dungeness crab
29 . building yoda out of legos


28 . brunch
27 . clams on a pizza
26 . watching the progress on the new bay bridge

25 . hiking at muir woods
24 . the drive-in movie
23 . burritos at taquiera cancun
22 . pizza at marcellos
21 . no air conditioning
20 . coffee from blue bottle
19 . sing-along sound of music at castro theater

2012-11-23 18.18.15
18 . bad movie night at the dark room
17 . fish tacos at tres agaves
16 . the view from fort point
15 . running a 5K at golden gate park
14 . sandwiches at ikes place
13 . seeing the family crest live
12 . meeting banana sam at the zoo
11 . watching the blue angels from a rooftop

Photo May 28, 13 18 58

10 . golden gate 75th anniversary party
9 . eating a picnic in alamo square park
8 . hitchcock’s vertigo at the castro theater
7 . the architectural majesty that is grace cathedral
6 . attending epic church
5 . christmas at union square
4 . lunch at the cliff house
3 . noe valley harvest festival
2 . hearing the symphony at the stern grove festival
1 . partying with giants fans after the 2012 victory!


Well played, Metreon

In 2010, I told you about a movie theater/entertainment venue in SF called the Metreon. Back then, it was pretty sad, and I said that it was “not what it used to be”.

Two years later, I am happy to report that the Metreon has gotten a facelift, and they are looking mighty spiffy!

The biggest change is, of course,  the addition of the new Target. This is a big deal because previously you had to drive across the bay to get to the closest one, which included a lovely $5 toll. Now, we have a Target in town with no toll! Yes, it’s a regular Target, and actually it’s smaller than most, but it’s new and shiny and we’re all giddy with excitement.

image courtesy of the SF Chronicle

The Metreon makeover also includes new shops along the street, where previously there was just a wall, a new Starbucks, a more cohesive connection to Yerba Beuna Gardens, and several new restaurants in the downstairs “Dining Terrace”.

Last night, my man and I went to the Metreon to see Wreck-It Ralph (a must-see, btw) and got to try out the eateries. My review of the “Dining Terrace” is very positive. It’s a food court with 10-12 food options and a giant combined seating area. But it’s all so modern and hip and… well… “green”! If you are craving greasy, asian hodgepodge, you’re out of luck! If you want hot dogs on a spinner or pretzels in a warmer, forget it! All of the food is healthy, made-to-order, and oozes with the San Francisco M.O.

image courtesy of San Francisco Sentinel

I am very happy that the Metreon is cool again. Two years ago it was really sad and had the depressing reputation of a ghost town. But now it’s hip and attractive again, and brings much-needed life to the neighborhood! You can get more info at

I read an article that made me angry

I just read an article on that made me angry. It was titled “5 Reasons Why San Francisco is the Worst Awesome City in America”. I am not sure if the author was exaggerating or not, but either way, I feel the need to defend my city. I want my readers to know that, yes SF has it’s flaws, but it is also a beautiful city and worthy of a visit!

You can read the full article here. Warning: this article contains bad language and it will hog a lot of your computer’s CPU.

#5. Filth. 

The author of this article says there are homeless people everywhere, the whole city smells like urine, and people defecate wherever they want. Ok yes, we do have a large population of homeless, but I think they are flocking to the city because there are so many opportunities to get help. I personally support an organization called City Impact. This group provides meals, clothing, job training, and healthcare, to people in need. I know it’s hard to show compassion to the homeless, but I try to remember that they are human beings, and they deserve kindness and respect just like everyone else.

As for the smell, I am not going to lie to you. There are parts of the city that smell like urine. The area down by the ballpark/caltrain, in particular, has a pretty strong bouquet. But my neighborhood doesn’t smell, and there are several other areas that don’t smell either.

#4. Misguided Community Support.

In this section, the author describes a protest that took place on BART last year. The short version is, a man was killed by police, and the public disagreed, so they protested. This guy says the protest was bad because it shut down public transportation during rush hour. My opinion is: (a) people have the right to prostest, and (b) people have the right to prostest.

I wrote in an article a while ago saying that I actually admire SF’s activism. I gave the specific example of the AIDS awareness banner on Twin Peaks. It seems to me that the people of SF are constantly trying to make improvements, and I think it’s a pro not a con.





#3. Anarchy. 

The night the Giants won the world series, the city was in complete chaos. It was not our finest hour. And I’ll admit that our police force it short-staffed. But I don’t want you to think that this is Syria or Pakistan. Most of the time, there is nothing going on. The streets are calm and the neighborhoods are quiet. You can get to work without a problem. You are safe to walk around the streets.

#2. Indecent Exposure. (the author used a different word here.)

I live near the Castro. It is one of my favorite neighborhoods, mostly because of its famous theater. And I see naked people all. the. time. It was very shocking at first, but eventually I got used to it. I want you to understand that these people walk around without any clothes to get a reaction out of you. So you just have to  act like it’s no big deal. If you are offended by an extreme display of human flesh, just try to avoid the Castro, and DO NOT attend the Bay to Breakers. That’s all.

#1. Access to Horrifying Food.

LOL wut. San Francisco is famous for it’s food!! This guy talks about a restaurant in the city that serves a doughnut hamburger. That sounds amazing to me and I will write about it next week. Nuff said!

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