Batkid saves SF. I love this city.

I am sure that you’ve already heard his story, but I want to tell you my version.

Miles Scott is a 5-year-old boy who defeated leukemia earlier this year. To celebrate his victory over cancer, the Make-A-Wish Foundation threw him the party of a lifetime. They staged a series of crimes and damsels in distress for him to rescue as Batkid. The mayor of San Francisco and the SFPD were involved and over 10,000 SF residents showed up to cheer him on.



Several of my coworkers took half-day on Friday to go to Union Square and watch Batkid rescue a girl who was tied to the train tracks. I stayed at worked but followed the story on Twitter. After Union Square, he traveled in “The Batmobile” to AT&T Park and rescued Lou Seal from a villain. His last stop was a cheering crowd at City Hall where Mayor Ed Lee thanked Batkid and gave him a key to the city.

And, of course, #SFBatKid‘s day ended with a key to San Francisco and our hearts: #Nightline

— Nightline (@Nightline) November 16, 2013


My husband attended the ceremony at City Hall and he said that he was amazed by the crowd that showed up to support this kid. His exact quote was “giant mass of humanity”. My husband was moved by this little kid and his incredible story, and I know he wasn’t the only one. For one day, we as a city were united by this little boy and all rooting for him as one. I think that is the greatest thing that Batkid did… he saved SF for one day.

here i am, stressing about code reviews and deadlines, and here is this stream of BatKid pictures. silently weeping at my desk.

— Chad Etzel (@jazzychad) November 15, 2013



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joanne
    Nov 16, 2013 @ 21:01:51

    This was all news to me consequently I had tears in my eyes reading this – what a truly wonderful story of good over evil on so many levels! 🙂


    • kimetzel84
      Nov 16, 2013 @ 23:10:18

      Hi Joanne! I’m so glad you were touched by this story. I was very emotional about it too. Thanks for visiting!


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