Syriasly, you Saud to try this restaurant!


Fattoush is my best friend’s favorite restaurant. She’s been talking about it for years, but I never had the chance to try it until I stumbled upon it last week. My friends and I had dinner plans that fell through, and I was so excited that we ended up at Fattoush instead. I can’t believe I delayed trying this restaurant!

My friends and I sat at a small mosaic-coated table and shared a bottle of wine that the owner recommended for us. We started our meal with pita bread and hummus appetizer and arabian egg rolls. Hummus is one of those dishes that just isn’t the same when it’s store-bought. Homemade hummus is where it’s at! It was so creamy and spicy!



For dinner, our table was  covered with plates of lamb kebobs, olives, tabouli, lentils, and garbanzo beans. The kebobs looked fantastic with grilled vegetables! I ate a dish called Beriani. It was lamb, potatoes, yellow rice, raisins, and garbanzo beans all dredged in a cinnamon yogurt sauce. It was so. delicious. Possibly the greatest meal I’ve ever had!. The lamb was so tender… little bites of heaven. The yogurt sauce was rich and fattening, and the whole plate smelled like Christmas!


The inside of this restaurant is warm and inviting with bench seats and lots of pillows. It’s very colorful and the stained glass makes it feel exotic. Most of all,  I appreciated that they didn’t add any kitchy snake charmers or other steotypes.  If the whole city was on fire, and I could only save one restaurant, I would save this one!

26th and Church St.


Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 7.42.04 PM IMG_5537


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