Get Elevated!!


I have been searching for alternate ways to exercise that can save me from the monotony of the gym. So last weekend, I hiked to the top of Twin Peaks!

I found a website that gave detailed instructions on how to get there from Market and Castro. I live pretty close to the peak, so I was able to skip a few steps and join the route at Douglass and 20th. This path took me up a few streets, but also across a pedestrian skywalk and up several hidden flights of stairs. The last part was this dirt path with homemade steps that lead to the very tippy top of Twin Peaks… with a gorgeous view of the city. The total trip was 2.33 miles, over a 900-foot elevation change, and it took me about an hour. You can read the full directions here.


I really enjoyed this hike for many reasons:
(a) it was strenuous but not impossible
(b) I felt like I’d found a secret passageway
(c) no driving required (other great hiking destinations require a 30 minute drive)
(d) very quiet and peaceful
(e) awesome view


I hiked up this hill!

I am really trying to make my health a priority. San Francisco is full of healthy fit people and I feel so inspired to take care of myself. I am a member of a gym and I have the most amazing trainer! But the gym can get boring and I get tired of running on the treadmill.


The secret to getting healthy and losing weight is variety. I live in a city where I could plan a different outdoor workout every single day!
Monday – running on Ocean Beach
Tuesday – hiking at Muir Woods
Wednesday – paddle boarding in Sausalito (stay tuned for a whole blog post about this!)
Thursday – strength training on the structures at Esprit Park
Friday – hiking to the top of Twin Peaks

Oh my gosh, I should totally write a book!!
San Francisco: it’s a city and a gym, by Kim Etzel.

Do you live in a city that has fitness possibilities? What outdoor exercises could you explore? Like, if you live near Chichen Itza, you could run up and down the stairs of the monument. Let me know about your hometown!




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