Slide into Sliders

Another post about hamburgers

So I guess I really love burgers. I have never written about anything twice in one week, but here I am writing again about beef. I had another delicious meal and I just had to share it with you!

Sliders is a burger place in the Castro. I ate there before seeing Metropolis at the Castro Theatre. I ordered their signature cheeseburger with fries and a Coke. The meat was cooked on a spinning grill over and open flame. It was served to me as just meat and cheese on a bun, then I got to pile on my own accoutrements at their gorgeous “toppings bar”. I chose the standards: lettuce onion tomato pickle mustard mayo.

My dinner was fantastic! The burger was the star of the show. It was so savory and beefy that I almost didn’t need the buttered bun, dressings, or accessories. But of course, those things pushed it over the top. Now I’m going to say something crazy. You may want to sit down.

Sliders has the best burger in town

I told you all about Barney’s, raved about Burgermeister, applauded Whiz Burger, and celebrated Burger Bar. All of these are great places, and I would praise them again. But I’ve decided that Sliders is my favorite.

And if you’re a vegetarian, you should go to Sliders for the tv. I just sat there for thirty minutes and watched America’s Funniest Videos.

On Castro St between Market and 18th








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