Delicious burger in a sketchy package


Delicious Burger

I am a good ol’ American and I love a good ol’ hamburger! I found a pretty decent contender for Best Burger at a local place called Whiz Burger.

I’m going to start by telling you about the delicious food!  It was a juicy, flavorful burger on a french roll topped with avocado, bacon, cheese, mustard, ketchup, etc. The large volume of food required a paper wrapping to keep it all contained. They served regular fries and waffle fries which were both awesome! The regulars were crispy on the outside, soft in the middle, and sprinkled with salt. Just the way I like ’em! And they have milkshakes too!

I’ve had like a thousand hamburgers in my lifetime, and like a couple hundred in SF alone. At the end of the day, I prefer a hamburger that tastes like it was made in a diner. I rarely crave the ones at Mickey D’s, I will never pay $15, and I like my burgers greasy. There I said it!

IMG_5410 IMG_5407

Sketchy Package

Okay, so the Mission District is… full of personality. This joint is right in the heart of the Mission, and it’s…. a little shady. I feel like this place used to be a drive-in. It’s got all that 1960’s doo-wop going on. The kinda place where you stay long enough and start imagining “Ram-a-lam-a Ding Dong” and poodle skirts. It’s not a drive-in anymore (because it’s 2013), but they are still cranking out the food of the good ol’ days.

They haven’t really changed anything since it opened. And nothing has been updated, and it could all use a coat of paint.  The only place to sit is a pair of run-down picnic tables out front, and the surrounding neighborhood is not very pretty. One reviewer on yelp actually called it sketchy with a capital “SK”.

I always want to be be honest with you and tell you what you’re in for. If you’re searching for a tasty, juicy, meaty hamburger and a pile of hot crispy fries, then I highly recommend eating at Whiz Burger! Just maybe go during the day…. with a friend….

Whiz Burger
18th and Van Ness





2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Katy Renz
    Aug 11, 2013 @ 23:02:27

    Ha! I’ve driven by this place and always wondered what it was like. I’m glad you wrote this!


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