Say Cheese!

Grilled Cheese

I found an entire restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese sandwiches! It’s called The Melt! I had the classic with a thick layer of cheddar cheese on hearty white bread. It was grilled in butter and sprinkled with garlic and proprietary spices. This sandwich rated a 10/10 on the Gooey Cheese Scale. The tomato basil soup I had on the side was amazing, and took me back to my childhood! It was like Campbell’s, but more tomato-y, more basil-y, and more delicious-y!



They have a very simple menu: about nine sandwich choices, including a mac-n-cheese sandwich, and about four soups. I am really indecisive so I love a place with only a few choices. And the limited menu gives the impression that they focus their efforts on making really good food.


The Restaurant of the Future

This place is overflowing with technology! The young lady at the door took my order on her iPad, and then my name appeared on a giant TV with a countdown to ready. And they have an app! So you could sit at your desk, whip out The Melt app and order lunch. Then by the time you walk over there your food is ready!

While you’re visiting the app, be sure to tell The Melt about your favorite band. While you’re dining, listen up to hear your music on the jukebox!


The Melt app. Find it in the iTunes store!


Modern Done Right

Let’s start with the name. The Melt is the chicest name I’ve heard in a while. And the chicness continues when you go in. The whole place is white with pops of orange (because it’s two blocks from AT&T). The clean lines, simple white furniture, and giant TVs give the feeling like you’re eating on a spaceship. But it’s not sterile. They somehow accomplish clean and modern, but comfortable and inviting at the same time.

And they have zero trash,… which is very SF!

The Melt
3rd and Townsend (plus many more locations)





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