Greater Things, Part III (with @epicchurchsf)

Today, I volunteered at a Family Fun Fest put on by an organization called Because Justice Matters. This group reaches out to women who have been trafficked, exploited, or isolated. They put on a Fun Day to get to know the women and families in the Tenderloin community, form meaningful relationships, and spread the love of Jesus.

This festival had everything: games, bouncy house, hot dogs, face painting, and cotton candy! About 300 kids came today and I think they had a blast! The Cal Dance Team was there too with a DJ and dance lessons with the kids. They put on such a show that people walking down the street would stop and watch the dancing.

I filmed the cupid shuffle. Click here!


I manned the Down the Clown booth, and I met a little boy named Henry. He was 9 years old and a baseball enthusiast. He threw the beanbags and knocked down all the clowns on his first try… and also on his knees… and backwards. I called him “Tim Lincecum Junior” and he smiled and gave me a big hug. And that, my friends, is why I volunteered today.

Because Justice Matters has been ministering to women and families in SF since 1995. If you’d like to contribute, you can donate to their new women’s shelter, or attend the fundraiser in October. Learn more at

A big thanks to Epic Church for organizing this “Hope for the City” weekend. These guys believe that church is more than Sunday morning worship. That we should be actively sharing Jesus with the people of SF.  I’ve had the chance to do volunteer work in the Tenderloin three times, and I am continually amazed by what God is doing there. There is a definite feeling that He is bringing hope to the hopeless, and I believe that greater things are still to be done in this city.

Read my previous two “Greater Things” posts here: part 1, and part 2.


today I learned that my husband can do balloon animals






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