Embarcadero Plaza: a park for adults and kids

I’ve been babysitting my friends’ baby this week, and got a glimpse of the activities for SF kids. There were several, but the best was a park down by the Ferry Building called Embarcadero Plaza.

The park was right in the center of a busy working neighborhood. It was surrounded by high-rise buildings, business suits, and achievement. There were many little restaurants that served healthy, San-Francisco-style to-go meals with tables and chairs outside. I saw a big giant fountain/art structure that people were climbing on. The loud splashing of the water drowned out the noise of the city and kinda created a peaceful escape.

On the north end of the park was a huge playground with slides and swings with grassy yard on all sides. And the trees were so tall that there was plenty of cool shade. We were there right at noon and there were hundreds of business people grabbing lunch at the plaza’s eateries, or laying in the grass with loosened ties. The little munchkin and I sat on the grass and just chilled. He loved watching the kids on the playground and chasing pigeons.

Photo Jul 24, 1 25 51 PM

this is my friends’ son. so adorable!

Of all the parks in this city, and trust me there are like a hundred, this one was my new favorite. The idea of high-power executives lounging on the same grass with dogs and babies was very unique. The park was designed so perfectly that all types of people were attracted to it. Even the homeless man sleeping under the tree was welcome. It kinda felt like a happy harmony.

Embarcadero Plaza is across the street from the Ferry Building.
1 Embarcadero Center SF

Photo Jul 25, 2 15 02 PM

Photo Jul 25, 2 19 22 PM Photo Jul 25, 2 18 44 PM Photo Jul 25, 2 17 12 PM Photo Jul 25, 2 14 51 PM  Photo Jul 25, 1 59 31 PM


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