Espetus is Brazilian for feast

Giant slabs of meat with infinite portions. Leg of lamb, bacon wrapped filet, and pork roast, oh my! If there’s a man in your life with a birthday coming up, I have a great suggestion for his birthday dinner!!

Espetus (pronounced eh-SPAY-toos) is a Brazilian steakhouse. The waiters are dressed like gauchos, and the cocktails are authentic to the country. There is a salad bar with Mediterranean-style olives and cheeses and pasta, and every table gets a basket of fried plantains.

But you’re not reading this article to hear about waiters and olives. No, you want me to tell you about the all-you-can-eat skewers of meat. The restaurant served one thing: the meat buffet. But it was the greatest buffet because I didn’t have to get up. The meat came to me! I simply turned my placard to green to tell the server I was ready to consume. Then the waiter would arrive at my table with a prepared meat for me to sample. He would say, “Would you like to try the rib roast, Miss?”, and I would say “Yes, of course!” (with a silent “duh”) and he would serve me a slice.

I ate the most glorious cuts of meat… pork ribs, filet, prime rib, and on and on! The garlic steak was probably my favorite. I ate till I was sick, and then kept eating. Since it was my husband’s birthday, I also got to try the
Caipirinha cocktail, which was wonderful!

My husband is a meat-lover so this was the perfect place for his birthday! There’s a similar restaurant in Atlanta called Fogo de Chao that’s very close to my heart because that’s where my husband took me the night we got engaged. But this blog isn’t about Atlanta, so I will encourage you to propose to your significant other at Espetus!

Espetus Brazilian Steakhouse
Market and Gough





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