The Noe Valley Town Square

The Board voted today to turn a parking lot in my neighborhood into a town square! This may not seem like a big deal to you, but to us Noe Valleans, it is a huge victory! Big thanks to Scott Wiener of District 8 for all his hard work!

Screen Shot 2013-06-04 at 3.10.20 PM

This parking lot is located at the corner of 24th and Sanchez, and is currently used for the Saturday farmer’s market… and, um, parking. Boring! Those who petitioned for this improvement stated their mission as “The Town Square will be the central gathering space for Noe Valley. It will be used by and for all Noe Valley neighbors and will host everything from twice-a-week farmers markets to food pantries, music events, evening movies, neighborhood bingo, exercise classes, cafe seating, senior citizen events…” – from

Here’s the plan for the square:

courtesy of

There is something very charming about a little neighborhood with a central town square. I think deep down we all wish we lived in Mayberry, and a town square makes that a little closer to reality. And it’s so nice to be part of a community! I am really excited about this addition to my neighborhood. I love the events like the Noe Valley Harvest Festival held every fall, and I can’t wait to attend more activities like it!

Tonight, there was a party to celebrate the vote, held in the soon-to-be-torn-up parking lot. There was free pizza from Patxi’s Pizza and live music. I am a loyal reporter, and I loovvvee Patxi’s, so of course I went! I met Todd David, the project coordinator. He was so excited about the approval that he high-fived everybody who walked by. I had such a pleasant afternoon meeting my neighbors, listening to a local band, and sharing in the camaraderie!





This is the team who put this all together. Many thanks!


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