The Exploratorium has moved!

The Exploratorium has moved to Pier 15! Our beloved science museum was closed for 4 months to move to its new home on the waterfront. It opened the 330,000 sqft building in April 2013, boasting three times the space, more exhibits, and more fun.

My husband and I went to the Exploratorium on Memorial Day (aka his bday). Imagine this: you have the day off work, the kids don’t have school, annnndd it’s raining. Where do you go? Yeah, I’m sure you can guess where in going with this. But I have to say that the large crowd fit nicely into the big space! The exhibits were spread out and the big windows made it feel light and airy. I was impressed that the new building seemed to be built specially to hold hundreds of millions of people on a rainy holiday.

There were so many exhibits that I couldn’t possibly tell you about them all, so I’ll just highlight a few. The life sciences ward definitely got my nerd all tingly. Especially all the bacteria in a rainbow display (in a case so no exposure!).

I really enjoyed the mirror that was curved and showed me upside down even though I was standing right in front. And the giant San Francisco tribute piece made out of toothpicks. It took 37 years to make!!

The Exploratorium is a must see! Especially if you saw it before the move. The changes are very impressive and the sweeping views of The Bay are phenomenal as always! The place is awesome for a rainy day, but you should also go when the sun is out and check out the sundial exhibit on the patio.

The Exploratorium is located at Pier 15 (Embarcadero Dr and Green St). It’s open Tue-Sun and costs $20 for adults.









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