1000 Construction Cranes

image 015

I never thought I’d be so happy to see cranes. Construction cranes that is. There’s a legend that says 1000 origami cranes is good luck, but I’m gonna venture out of the box and say that seeing 1000 construction cranes is better because it means building, growth, and (say it with me) JOBS!

image 004

My relocation to SF was in 2010 when there was absolutely zero, zip, nil new construction in the city. I didn’t notice then, of course, but now it’s 2013, and there is a building boom, and it makes it obvious how dry we were 3 years ago.

image 043

image 036

I drove around last weekend and took pictures of the many cranes towering over the skyline. The more I found, the more I got inspired by the vibration of new growth. The latest unemployment report said that California added 30,000 construction jobs in the month of March and is continuing to grow like crazy. I continued to research employment statistics and found nothing but good news in this industry, especially this report that says March 2013 showed the greatest increase in jobs in seven years! (here’s a graph!)

image 007

I never gave construction boom or drought much of a thought before. This is the first time that I have noticed such a drastic change, and took the time to ponder the implications for our local economy. It seems like it all heading up.

image 046

If you’re a geek, here’s a list of all the current building projects in San Francisco, including the new Transbay Transit Tower set to open in 2017.

“Construction cranes sign of times in S.F.” – from SF Chronicle

And if you’re a movie-buff, here’s the final scene from The Amazing Spider-Man with some awesome crane/web moves. *SPOILER ALERT* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BAxdnjCHpg0


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