Holy Bay Bridge Light Show, Part II

I had an incredible adventure. 21-year-old me would’ve been so proud!

Tuesday night was the grand lighting ceremony for the Bay Lights. I met up with some friends and walked down to the water for the big moment. But someone we didn’t invite decided to show up: the rain. We stood in the rain, without an umbrella of course, with thousands of other people, waiting anxiously for the lights. After a thirty minute delay, I was officially soaked and miserable.

View of the bridge for the Hyatt

View of the bridge for the Hyatt

My friend James, who is way more adventurous than me, decided that we needed to go find a hotel with a view and watch the show indoors. I was so tired of the rain at that point I couldn’t argue. We walked to the Hyatt on Montgomery and found the “all-the-way-up” elevator. Small problem; it needed a key to operate. So we stood in the elevator for 10 minutes waiting for someone at the top to call it. Finally they did. The elevator dinged, James looked at us said, “be cool”, and walked out like he owned the place. Turns out the top floor of the Hyatt is a private club for members only. We were not members. But we somehow sauntered over to the window and got to see the bridge in all its glory.

That didn’t last long. The staff at the Hyatt became aware of our illegal presence very quickly, and kicked us out. James, who kept getting more daring as the night went on, then suggested that we go to the Marriott on 4th. Thankfully, at the Marriott, the top floor was open to the public, so we didn’t have to sneak our way in. The SkyBar, as it’s called, is an amazing place to have dinner. There are panoramic views all the way around. I really want to go there next time there’s a special occasion. My friends and I sat down at a table by the window and got a great view of the bridge one more time. Beautiful! We decided to order a few drinks and grabbed the menu. Holy expensive drink menu! We were way out of place! We all kinda gave each other that  look that “I-cant-afford-this” look, got up and waked out.

me and my friend, Katie

me and my friend, Katie

The last stop of our crazy evening was the Westin on 3rd. One friend was actually staying there so we figured we’d be able to get to the top no problem. We piled in the elevator and ascended to the top. The doors opened, we walked out, only to find we were not at the top, but two floors down. James, in his final act as Mayor of the Unpredictable, found a stairwell to the roof. We climbed two flights and spilled out onto the roof. We found, for the triumphant conclusion of the evening, a giant building blocking our view of the bridge. There was nothing to see.

By then it was midnight (on a school night) and I was tired and wet and ready for bed. I said goodnight to my companions and headed home. As James said goodbye, he actually remarked “I”m glad it’s early because I still have work to do tonight!” Unbelievable guy.

Live streaming of the Bay Lights!!


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