Good Effort, 49ers!

One week after the big game, and we’ve all resumes our normal lives.  It was really fun to watch our team in the Super Bowl, and everyone was pumped up last Sunday. I made a point to capture some of the Niners spirit around town.

I had a lot of fun watching the game with some hardcore 49ers fans! They all had on jerseys and championship tshirts from 1995. For me, it made the game much more important, and made me more of fan. And I learned that watching the Super Bowl is a lot more fun when you care who wins.

The Forty-Niners had a great season this year, and I’m proud of them and they way they played. Honestly, I wished the Niners would have won just so I could’ve written a blog post called “Best Blackout Ever.” Oh well, maybe next year.






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