#49ers Nation!!!

Did you know that the 49ers haven’t won a Super Bowl since 1995? The people of the Bay Area know it. They are hungry, and dying for another championship.

The 49ers have had several difficult years. On their wikipedia page, their is actually a heading called “2003-2010: Struggles”. But they are finally getting over the rough-patch, and today, they are competing in the NFC Championship. If they win, they are going to the Super Bowl on Feb 3.


IMG_6156 IMG_6135

This year, it has been interesting to keep up with the team because of the drama with the Quarterback. The star QB, Alex Smith, got a concussion early in the season, and a guy named Colin Kaepernick played while he healed. Two weeks later, it was announced that Smith had recovered and was ready to get back in the game, and yet Kaepernick took the field instead. Fans were shocked and outraged that the coach would bench Smith and let “this kid” play instead. Every Sunday after that, fans would beg and pray to see Smith on the field, but the coach kept favoring the kid. Under those circumstances, there was no way anyone would embrace the new leader, or give him a chance at all. Really, everyone hated him.

But then, last week, Colin Kaepernick lead the team to a 45-31 victory over the heavily-favored Green Bay Packers. And he looked good doing it! Running and throwing and scoring several touchdowns by himself. The headlines on Monday raved, and the city declared their love for the rookie QB.

IMG_6146 IMG_6151

So the week leading up to the biggest 49ers game in years, the city of San Francisco is proclaiming it’s love for the hometown team. The skyline is lit up with gold and red. I stopped on my way home last week to take pictures of the 49ers flair. You may be skeptical because a skyline is naturally gold and red, so I took closeup photos to prove that the city is “on fire for forty-niners”.

The game is today at 1pm, and they say it’s gonna be a good one. If they win, you will surely hear about it on this blog. #GoNiners!

IMG_6153 IMG_6155


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