Hearst Castle

About a month ago, my better half and I drove down CA Hwy 1, through Monterey, Big Sur, and all the way down to San Luis Obispo. On the way, we stopped at Hearst Castle.

Photo Nov 10, 3 25 28 PM

Hearst Castle is this giant mansion, built in the 1930s by William Randolf Hearst (www.hearstcastle.org about 4 hours south of SF in San Simeon, CA). The house is way up on this hill, so we had to park at the bottom and buy a bus ticket to the top. We took the tour of the bedrooms and upstairs rooms, but there’s also a tour of the large downstairs rooms too.

Photo Nov 10, 4 12 11 PM

Photo Nov 10, 3 31 24 PM

The house was gigantic. All the rooms were decorated with all the most expensive furniture, art, curtains, and even gold foil wallpaper. Each room had a big fireplace and a dramatic ceiling. One of the ceilings was shipped from Italy. It was awesome to see everything and imagine what it was like to live there.

Photo Nov 10, 4 16 42 PM

The historical team does a great job of keeping the house in shape for tours and visitors. They told us that every year there is a special dinner for financial benefactors in the dining room on Christmas Eve. I bet it would be awesome to eat dinner there, with everyone dressed in 1930s attire.

Photo Nov 10, 3 59 01 PM

After the castle, we drove down to San Luis Obispo. This is one of the oldest cities in California, you know, from the Gold Rush days. Last year I wrote about the history of CA, and talked about the founding of missions. This city still has the old historical mission buildings from the Spanish exploration.

Photo Nov 11, 1 39 02 PM

Today, the city is modern and hip… but with the charm and history that make it interesting. We walked around the Mission site and then strolled through the shops in downtown. My husband and I finished our trip in this charming little town with lunch at The Black Sheep Bar and Grill and the most amazing french dip sandwich (www.blacksheepslo.com).


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