Hwy 1 and Big Sur

Last weekend, I had the chance to drive down the scenic CA Hwy 1 and spend a few days in Big Sur. The drive down The One was beautiful and scenic, and the perfect escape from my busy city life.

My husband and I started in SF, drove through Monterey, and ended up in Big Sur, CA last Thursday. We stayed at the Big Sur River Inn, which this adorable little mountain inn with a general store, a cozy pub, and a big roaring fire in the lobby. One evening we just sat by the fire and drank apple cider for hours, as if we had nowhere else to be.

On Friday we hiked at Julia Pfieffer Burns State Park. We chose the trail that was surrounded by Giant Redwood trees, and lined by a babbling creek. I was in heaven just hiking through the woods, smelling the Eucalyptus Trees, listening to the creek, and feeling the warmth of the sun on my shoulders. The trail goes by this nice waterfall and ends with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

On Saturday, we drove south and enjoyed the most scenic stretch of the Highway. There were little overlooks every 5 miles or so, and we stopped every time so I could take pictures. The coastline is a big giant cliff with jagged rocks. No beaches anywhere in sight. We drove along the cliffside for miles with the deep blue ocean some 300 feet below. When we stopped, we would get mesmerized by the ocean waves crashing against the rocks, and the vastness of the sea.

If you have never had the chance to drive down Hwy 1 or visit Big Sur I highly recommend it. It is truly a magical world. I took a ton of pictures, so if you’re looking for more, visit my Facebook page!


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