Well played, Metreon

In 2010, I told you about a movie theater/entertainment venue in SF called the Metreon. Back then, it was pretty sad, and I said that it was “not what it used to be”.

Two years later, I am happy to report that the Metreon has gotten a facelift, and they are looking mighty spiffy!

The biggest change is, of course,  the addition of the new Target. This is a big deal because previously you had to drive across the bay to get to the closest one, which included a lovely $5 toll. Now, we have a Target in town with no toll! Yes, it’s a regular Target, and actually it’s smaller than most, but it’s new and shiny and we’re all giddy with excitement.

image courtesy of the SF Chronicle

The Metreon makeover also includes new shops along the street, where previously there was just a wall, a new Starbucks, a more cohesive connection to Yerba Beuna Gardens, and several new restaurants in the downstairs “Dining Terrace”.

Last night, my man and I went to the Metreon to see Wreck-It Ralph (a must-see, btw) and got to try out the eateries. My review of the “Dining Terrace” is very positive. It’s a food court with 10-12 food options and a giant combined seating area. But it’s all so modern and hip and… well… “green”! If you are craving greasy, asian hodgepodge, you’re out of luck! If you want hot dogs on a spinner or pretzels in a warmer, forget it! All of the food is healthy, made-to-order, and oozes with the San Francisco M.O.

image courtesy of San Francisco Sentinel

I am very happy that the Metreon is cool again. Two years ago it was really sad and had the depressing reputation of a ghost town. But now it’s hip and attractive again, and brings much-needed life to the neighborhood! You can get more info at www.metreon.com.


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