We are the champions!

My clothes smell like champagne and vomit. My feet are sore. I lost my voice. I’m tired.  But I made 10,000 new best friends. The party last night for the Giants’ World Series victory was outta the world!

I watched the game with some friends at The Iron Cactus restaurant.  The restaurant probably holds 100 people comfortably, but there were 300 inside. Every time the Giants did something good – throw a strike, catch a fly ball, steal a base, you name it – we would all stand up, cheer and holler, and high five everyone in the vicinity.

Then it came down to the bottom of the 10th, the Giants were up by 1, and Sergio Romo came in to close out the game. He struck out the first two batters, which brought up the Tigers’ best hitter with one out left. One strike…. two strikes…. and then… Well, I think you just need to watch the video.

After the Giants won the game, we all spilled out onto the street. Everyone was screaming, hugging, and chest bumping. People in cars honked horns and hung out the windows. Many fans carried brooms to emphasize that the Giants didn’t just win, they swept the Tigers in four games! Folks flooded into Safeway to buy Champagne just so they could spray the crowd in true celebration style. Finally, about an hour after the final pitch, when a large crowd had gathered at AT&T Park, we sang “We are the Champions”. Every word. At the top of our lungs.

I don’t usually do crowds and crazy, but this was a glorious, epic, once-in-a-lifetime kinda night. I’m so glad I went.

P.S. I put a lot more photos up on my facebook page.


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