Are you getting sick of me talking about the Giants on Facebook? Do you wish that I would do something else this weekend? Well tough luck. And honestly there is nothing else to do this weekend. The whole city is shutting down for the Giants games.

Tonight, I was driving home from work and I noticed that several buildings had orange lights on top in support of the hometown team. I should have gone to Treasure Island and taken some nice pictures, but I thought of it too late. So instead, I whipped out my phone and took video while I drove. This video is terrible quality, because I didn’t even bother to get into the right lane, but at least you can see how pretty the lights are.

As of Friday, Octoer 26, 2012, the Giants are up 2-0 against the Detroit Tigers in the World Series. It’s been an exciting couple of weeks and I can only imagine how crazy it could get if…. you know. Game 3 is tomorrow night at 5pm!

Here is a beautiful picture of the skyline that I did not take.


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