Fleet Week

It’s here again!! The first weekend in October and that means sunshine and Blue Angels.

Yesterday, I got to watch the air show from a rooftop in the Marina neighborhood. I was right by the water and had a front row seat for a spectacular demonstration.

The show started with and F-22 showing of its speed and agility, then I saw a group of F-16s doing tricks, but I didn’t catch the name of the group.

I saw a little propeller plane doing loop-da-loops, and a giant 747 flying so low I couldn’t believe it. Then Fat Albert, a C-130 that is the precursor to the Angels, flew over in all its slow majestic glory.

Finally, the show we’d all been waiting for, the holy grail of air shows, the most anticipated, Blue Angels!! I can promise you that I am not going to be able to describe them accurately on this blog. The six F-18s that make up the Blue Angels squadron are the masters of putting on a show. They would fly in formation and zoom past spectators, then they would all roll over in sync. Then they would fly at each other an almost crash, but then pull up just in time. It was amazing!!!

I have seen the Blue Angels before. But there was something about standing on a rooftop, surrounded by hundreds of people on neighboring rooftops, with the SF skyline in the background, that made this particularly spectacular. Check out the pictures I snapped and the great view I enjoyed.

I took lots of pictures and videos. I am writing this on my phone, but when I get home ill upload full-size pix and also videos. A party next door was blasting the Top Gun theme song, and I filmed Fat Albert flyover with the song in the background. Wait till you see it!!

This weekend is nutso here in the city. There’s also the America’s Cup, the Bluegrass Festival, the Castro Street Fair, and our baseball team is In the playoffs. I’ll be telling you all about these things I. The coming weeks so stay tuned!!










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