Dinner and a movie just got more interesting.

New weekly tradition: begin immediately!
My husband and I found our new favorite Sunday night activity. It’s dinner and a movie, but with a twist!

First,  we went to dinner at Taquiera Cancun, the home of the Bay Guardian’s Best Burrito. I got the regular burrito, and he ordered the Burrito Mojado. For those of you who don’t hablo español, mojada means wet. And it was definitely…. um, wet. We were both sitting there chowing scarfing down our food, when I looked at him and said “I think this is the best burrito I’ve ever had!” He agreed! I don’t know how to describe the awesomeness that I tasted that night, but it was some sort of cosmic union of crunchy, soft, spicy, creamy, and drippy! Muy delicioso!

burrito mojado

Burrito Mojado = wet burrito!

After dinner, we went to a movie at the Dark Room Theater. But this wasn’t one of your typical summer blockbusters; Sunday night was Bad Movie Night. That means they showed a really terrible movie and the hosts added their own commentary. Yes, it was just like Mystery Science Theater, except it wasn’t rated PG, and it was live! We watched Angel Heart starring Mickey Rourke, which is an absolutely terrible movie, but the extra dialogue they added made it hilarious!! This is truly a San Francisco gem!

The Dark Room is located on Mission St, between 18th and 19th. They show bad movies every Sunday night at 8pm for $6.99. http://darkroomsf.com. Taquiera Cancun is across the street. They are open till 1am or later and FYI, they don’t take credit cards. Visit them on Yelp. You can probably tell from these pictures, that these two spots are not in the best part of town. I suggest you walk with a buddy, but don’t let the neighborhood keep you from this unique and wonderful experience.

Thanks as always for reading!


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