My Best iPhone Pix II

Last year, I posted pictures taken from my iPhone in to order to show you the things I see around town. This is a great way for me to show you more of the city with a collection of random pictures.

This one is definitely the best picture of 2012. My husband and I were driving across the bridge right at sunset and we captured this stunning view of our city’s favorite icon.


If you look closely, you can see that there’s a homemade sign that says “Hogwarts”. I always thought Hogwarts was in Britain, but apparently it’s in Berkeley, CA.


This is City Hall. It is a gorgeous gold-plated building that can be seen from all over the city. It is surrounded by the striking gardens of UN Plaza and the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. It’s one of my favorite buildings in the city! Fun fact: this dome is the 5th largest dome in the world.


Windmills. I feel like San Francisco is one of the few places you will see something that is funky/artsy that also creates green energy at the same time. I saw these at the GG Bridge 75th anniversary party.


I exercise with two friends every morning in the Dogpatch neighborhood. One part of our jog gives us this awesome view of the skyline. This is the 20th Street bridge (near Pennslyvania Ave). For about a month now, the sun has come up at 6am, and it’s so peaceful to see the sun rise over the quiet city.


This is St. Charles Church at the intersection of 18th and Van Ness. I forgot I had this picture when I did the article with all the churches. I love the Spanish-style and the bright orange trim! I think this church might be closed. That’s a shame because I bet it’s beautiful on the inside too.

So remind me… when am I allowed to park here?


This picture was taken from the Bay Trail in Berkeley, CA. It’s a path along the water with an amazing view of San Francisco and the GG Bridge. There are usually a ton of people jogging and biking along this path, enjoying the ocean breeze and the view.


This woman was literally sleeping on a fire hydrant. What more can I say?




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