A View From Above

I only have one rule: I don’t talk to people on airplanes. I prefer to put my headphones in, and keep to myself.

This week, I was on a flight from Amsterdam to SF, and I broke my only rule. I was sitting next to a Lithuanian girl, who was visiting America for the first time. Specifically, visiting San Francisco. She had just graduated from college, and spent all her grad money on a trip to the States. Then she asked me, “what should I see in San Francisco?”

Oh boy, oh boy!! This was like the moment I’d been waiting for! As if the last year and a half of writing this blog was all preparing me for this conversation! I raved about the Golden Gate Bridge. I went on and on about Fisherman’s Wharf, and I insisted she see Chinatown. Of course, she would have to get an American hamburger at In and Out, and a dungeness crab sloshed in butter at “Crab Heaven” (I told her that I coined that phrase, and she didn’t understand what that meant. Oh well…).

As we were making our final descent, I recognized the landscape, and I knew what was coming up. I tapped her on the shoulder and made her look out the window, right as we flew over the Golden Gate Bridge. She was so excited!! It was a beautiful day, and the city looked spectacular from above.

Ok fine. It was really fun talking to her. I hate to admit it. Maybe I should change my only rule.


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