Happy Birthday Golden Gate Bridge!

Edit: I fixed the opening date for the bridge. 

Would you believe that the Golden Gate Bridge is 75 years old? 
It was built in 1937 to connect San Francisco to Marin county. I have to imagine that it was pretty difficult to build a $37-million-dollar bridge during the middle of the Great Depression. 
The first person to drive across the bridge was President Herbert Hoover on May 27, 1932. There was a grand celebration for the opening, and San Francisco threw an equally giant party for the 75th anniversary. 

I went down to Crissy Field for food, and live music, and FIREWORKS! I got to hear The Family Crest again and they brought the house down with a mashup of songs about San Francisco. And the fireworks were freaking fantastic!! They had firework cannons all long the base so it looked like a waterfall of fire. And they also has fireworks on boats. It was a pretty awesome way to celebrate the birthday of the most famous SF landmark.
One more thing… I’ll be outta town for a few weeks, so I won’t be wiriting. My next update will be on Sat, June 23. See you then!
Here’s a video of the fireworks.

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