Here Comes the Sun!

San Francisco has exactly five warm days each year. One of them was Friday, and I wasted it at the office. But yesterday, whoa baby, the sun was out in full force, and I had a whole 14 hours to enjoy it! I dug around in the bottom of my closet until I found my flip flops, then I ventured out to discover what the natives do when the weather turns warm. I got two very clear answers….

A. They go to the park.

I started my quest at Mission Dolores Park, right in the middle of the Mission District. Even though there are hundreds of parks in the city, this is where all the cool kids go. And they were all there on Saturday. The park was so crowded, there was a line at the ice cream cart, a line at the bathroom, and not one square inch of grass left unclaimed.

one nutty buddy please

People wore shorts and bathing suits, lathered on the sun block, and lounged on blankets reading, sun bathing, drinking, and generally hanging out. It was neat to see such a large group of people focused on relaxation. And I could tell that these people were soaking up every moment as if they didn’t know when they’d see the sun again.

someone set up a tightrope and let everyone try their skills

B. They go to the beach.

look at the crowd!

Next, I went to Ocean Beach. I have visited and documented this beach before, but never like this. Hundreds of people as far as the eye could see. There at 800,000 people in SF and I feel like 400K of them were at the park, and the other 400K were at the beach.

two boys went swimming in their clothes

I saw dogs chasing balls, kids building sand castles, and families enjoying a picnic. There were even a few brave souls who got in the water. I took my shoes off and dipped my toes in for a moment, but it was too cold for me! I couldn’t believe that no one seemed annoyed by the crowd. It was like they all understood the necessity of the moment, and let each other enjoy the sun in peace.

After my wonderful afternoon in the sun, I went to the mall to get myself a new phone. The people at the AT&T store were so happy to see a customer that they practically attacked me. I really felt bad for them having to work on that beautiful day, and miss out on all the fun!


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