I love @cremebruleecart!!

Lately, I’ve had no inspiration to write. The problem is that I’ve been focusing on the bad and overlooking the good parts of San Francisco. As far as I can tell, I live in a city where no one is able to drive, there are no trees, the sidewalks are dirty, and everything smells like urine.

In times like this, it’s very important for me to take a step back and think about the positives. Like for example, I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I can go out and get amazing food from any country I want. And hello, the beach!!

I didn’t realize how discouraged I was feeling until I encountered the most positive young man in the whole city. This is Ellis. I’m pretty sure he’s homeless. He stands on the corner of Market and Castro and plays his banjo and he LOVES this city! Every time I see him, he greets me with a smile and a cheery hello. And he makes the city a better place with his music. I saw him today, and I was reminded how awesome it is to live in SF!


I want to introduce you to someone else. This is Chris. Isn’t he adorable? He works in the Creme Brûlée Cart, a food truck that sells only creme brûlée, in many different flavors (@cremebruleecart)! But the most striking thing about Chris is his personality. He is so friendly and happy, and he makes me smile!


I am writing about Ellis and Chris because they have restored my love of this city. In one night. I mean, how can I be depressed when I live in a city that has a creme brûlée truck? And how can I be sad when even the homeless are happy? So I think I need to adjust my outlook pronto, and be thankful that I live in such a great place!



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  1. Glen Stevens
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 07:12:13

    Hi Kim,

    Susan told us about your blog but I couldn’t seem to get memory and PC together at the same time. The good/bad moments of urban life blog resonated with me. Like you, Rita and I graduated from a rural engineering school to life in major metropolitan areas on the west and east coasts. Seattle in our 20’s openned us up to a lot of new experieneces good and bad. Philadephia continues to be both a delight and horror show. Good or Bad, life has never been boring on either coast and we don’t think we could ever go back to living exclusively in a rural area again.

    Sorry we didn’t get to see you last summer. Between teaching the course and backpacking Yosemite, we had a lot of moving parts we couldn’t control. We love San Francisco and will be back to see you – And I want to try the Creme Brulee truck.

    Glen and Rita Stevens


    • kimetzel84
      Apr 01, 2012 @ 08:08:03

      I loved it when you said your city is both “a delight and a horror show”. That is a perfect way to describe SF as well. But I also agree that good or bad, I love it and I my life wouldn’t be as interesting or exciting if I lived in a small town or suburb.

      I understand that it’s hard to coordinate and visit when you’re traveling. I’m sure we’ll find another opportunity to catch up. Maybe I’ll make it to Philly one day!!


  2. Yomomma
    Apr 01, 2012 @ 05:38:11

    Kim, you have gone from being a great travel guide to teaching life lessons. Thank you very much. I hope your followers will post their own tricks for turning a frown upsidedown.


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