It’s all happening at the zoo!

What a beautiful day in San Francisco!! It was sunny, 60 degrees, with no wind or fog. Perfect! A day with perfect weather is very rare, and one that falls on a Saturday is practically unheard-of. You know, I had to get outside and enjoy it!

San Francisco Zoo

I spent my sunny afternoon at the San Francisco Zoo (  It’s a pretty typical zoo: the animals are arranged by continent, and you have to walk 10 miles in order to see them all. The African giraffes, zebras, and antelopes are right up front in their big giant savanna. The four giraffes were massive and majestic at the same time, and also very camera shy. I told the giraffes that my readers would want to see them, but they didn’t care and chose to stay in hiding.

Banana Sam

The most popular animal is Banana Sam, a squirrel monkey who was kidnapped from the zoo last month. Reports say that the thieves cut through the gate and stole the monkey in the middle of the night. Two days later, someone found him a mile away in the bushes. The whole city was relieved when Banana Sam was returned to the zoo, scared but unharmed. Now the people flock to his cage to show him sympathy and affection. He seems to be fully recovered, but won’t stop you if you still want to pet him and say “poor baby”.

Chinese New Year at the Zoo

This week is the Chinese New Year. The SF Zoo is holding a special event tomorrow, Jan 29, that will feature Chinese food, music, acrobatics, and of course, lion dancers. There will also be a zodiac tour through the zoo with a visit to all the animals on the Chinese calendar. Since this year is the Year of the Dragon, the zoo’s bearded dragon, Tully, will be on display, and anybody born in The Year of the Dragon will get in free. To save you a google, I’ll just tell you the years: 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 and 2000.

The zoo is located on Sloat Blvd at Great Hwy, right by the beach. It costs $12 for CA residents, $15 for non-residents, and the first Wednesday of every month is FREE! It’s open from 10am-4pm every single day of the year. Parking is $10, but I recommend you take the L-bus because it stops right in front of the entrance.


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  2. Yomomma
    Jan 29, 2012 @ 06:21:17

    Remember Cocoa? Was he a squirrel monkey? I wonder what happened to him. If I were just a few miles closer, I would definitely go to the zoo today, since I could get in free! Perhaps I should try to assume the persona of ‘dragon lady’


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