My Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant in San Francisco is Tres Agaves. This is a very significant statement considering that there are over 4,000 restaurants in this city. Last time I wrote, I told you about the awesomeness of the fish tacos. Today I’m gonna talk about Carne En Su Jugo, which means meat in its juice in Spanish. My husband ordered this when we ate there last week. It was a bowl of meat, black beans, jalepeños, and bacon in beef broth. It came with tortillas and he made little beef tacos. He said it was awesome, and he wanted to make sure I told you guys about it.

I am writing about this place again because I have an update. The restaurant has changed its name to Tres. I’m not sure if they’re trying to be trendy, or if they’re trying to avoid confusion with the margarita mix. Either way, it’s important to mention that the new web address is The street address is still 130 Townsend.

My second favorite place is Ike’s Place. You may think that I’ve run out of things to talk about, so I’m just redoing old posts. Well that’s not true. I’m revisiting my favorites because last week was my birthday, and I always go to my fav places on my special day. I am an Ike’s Place member, which means I’m on their mailing list. That also means that I got a FREE SANDWICH for my birthday!! If you were hesitating to declare your love for Ike’s and become a member, I’m here to tell you that being a member is very rewarding.

Did you know that has info on average temperatures and rainfall? I didn’t know that until today! I’m gonna tell you all about the average weather for San Francisco because, well, I need something to fill space.

Average temperature by month:

Average rainfall by month:


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