Goals for 2012

hello from the GGB

You know… It’s that time of year when people make goals…. stop smoking, lose weight, clean bellybutton, etc. So I am making some goals for 2012 myself. I hope I can stick to these better than my weight-related goals of the past….

view from Fort Point

1. Use fewer parentheses.
It is a popular blogging motif to use parentheses when making a joke or a side comment. Sometimes it can be really funny, but I have employed this method too much (and most of what I say isn’t funny anyways). Aww crap! Parentheses!!!


2. Publish new content once a week.
Thank you to all my faithful readers who frequently check this site for new articles. I really appreciate your support and loyalty. And to show my gratitude, I will make an effort to be more consistent with new posts.

intersection: douglas and duncan

3. Use only my own pictures.
This past year, I have written a few articles that required outside assistance for visual aids. But in the new year, I will only post about things that I have seen with my own two eyes, and captured with my own camera. That way, you know that I’m giving honest information about places and not just hearsay.

same intersection. can see bay


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