10 Pics for One Year

I started this blog one year ago (give or take a month…). I decided to commemorate the occasion with ten of my favorite pictures from the last year. My husband says this is the blog equivalent of a clip show. You remember those? When sitcoms would give all the actors a week off and just show highlights from past episodes? Yeah, this is just like that.

10. The Christmas Tree Lighting at Macy’s
I like this picture because this scene was hard to photograph but I got it! Also, this was a magical evening.

9.  The Palace of Fine Arts
The pond around the PoFA is really serene, and the weather was perfect the day I was there. I was so impressed by the size of this structure that it deserves a spot on this list.

8. The Chinese Flower Fair
This was my first adventure into Chinatown: the day I learned that Chinatown is not so scary after all.

7. Grace Cathedral
Do I really have to explain why I love this picture? Please.

6. The Golden Gate Bridge captured from Fort Point
I lived in SF for a long long time before I learned about this photography hot-spot. New residents should be required to visit within the first few weeks (sooner than you obtain a new driver’s license).

5. Sutro Baths
Most beautiful ocean view ever!

4. The kid in the lion costume at the Chinese New Year Parade
This kid was so adorable! On that cold rainy night, this was just the thing to warm my heart.

3. The Bay Bridge at sunset
You’re probably sick of listening to me gush about this bridge. I’m so sorry I can’t help it. I LOVE THIS BRIDGE!

2. The Bay Bridge at twilight
Wait, I forgot. Which is my favorite bridge?

1. The San Francisco skyline at night. Click photo to enlarge.
This photo needs no introduction. San Francisco is a beautiful city!!

that's the bay bridge


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