The San Francisco Skyline

Many of you are aware that I have a taxing commute. I work in Vallejo, CA, so I have a one-hour drive each way (on a good day). I have tried several strategies for keeping my sanity, and the latest is based on enjoying the scenery.

At about the halfway point of my journey, I can look out my passenger-side window and see the golden gate bridge. I make a point to remind myself that people travel thousands of miles for a chance to see that bridge, but I get to see it everyday. EVERYDAY! At another point on my route, I have a really great view of the San Francisco skyline, and I say out loud, “will you look at that beautiful city!” So far, it seems like this technique is helping to reduce my road rage.

These two sights are especially beautiful in October. The fog has gone, and the sun is setting earlier, so I get an awesome orange arena to enjoy. One day last week, I got off the highway at Treasure Island (in the middle of the SF bay) so I could photograph the sunset. Then the next day, I stopped in the same place to get these night shots (was working late that day).


that's the bay bridge

click to enlarge


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  1. Nathan
    Dec 12, 2012 @ 14:53:47

    Hi, I would like to get the rights to one of your images possibly for a website. Where did you get them from?



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