Ice Cream Worth Waiting For

I waited 30 minutes in line for ice cream. I normally don’t wait that long for ice cream. I don’t wait for anything. Seriously, why did I wait when I could’ve gone down to Safeway, bought ice cream, and been home in 30 minutes?

Well, I was told that this ice cream would be worth the wait. I’m talking about Bi-Rite Creamery on 18th St ( a place highly recommended by the locals. Since I’d heard so much about this place I decided to check it out. Besides, I have a duty to my readers to investigate all food recommendations. Yeah, be thankful. I eat ice cream for you.

So after waiting in line 30 minutes (behind two teenage girls who both like the same guy, Chris), I finally got inside. The first thing I noticed was a sign introducing the “Flavors of the Day”. This place makes some weird flavors of ice cream. Honey Lavender? Brown Sugar? And what the heck is Ricanelas? I couldn’t really get up the nerve to try these crazy flavors, so I got a double scoop with coffee toffee and toasted coconut.

I asked the cashier to tell me why this ice cream is worth a 30-min wait. He said that the ice cream is made fresh daily, and all the ingredients are organic (when I hear the word “organic”, I immediately think of hippies (in Cartman’s voice of course. Screw you, hippies)). I must’ve made a face because then he said, “but it’s worth the wait because it’s made with love”. Oh! Loovvvvvee!!

So how was it? Was it worth the wait? Was it worth listening to the chatter about Chris’ gorgeous hair? Yes. Yes it was. It was super creamy and flavorful. I would definitely go back and try one of the more unusual flavors. You should definitely try this ice cream, but be prepared to wait for it.


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