What’s in Your Wallet?

Capital One has this ad campaign that features the vikings taking trips to various locations and creating mayhem because, well, they’re vikings. The most recent commercial shows the gruesome group vacationing in San Francisco.

Here’s the ad:

I was watching the commercial wondering if they actually filmed the ad here in the city. And if so, where was the footage taken. I had some free time today, so I scoured the interwebs looking for location information.

First, you see the head viking (Garth, I’m told) sitting at a table with the GG Bridge in the background. This shot was filmed at Battery Spencer, an old military base on the Marin side of the bridge. (Located at McCullough and Conzelman Rd, Sausalito, CA. Check out this panoramic view!)

from the commercial

photo courtesy of The SF Chronicle

Read more about Battery Spencer in this SF Chronicle article.

Then, you see them scaring the tourists as they ride a cable car. The cable car comes up over a hill, skyscrapers on each side, and the Bay Bridge in the background. Thanks to Google street view, I determined that if you stand at the corner of California St and Powell St and face east, you’ll see this exact view. You see the Hartford Building on the left (square windows), and the Chong Hing Bank on the right. The building in the foreground on the left (you only see the ledge), is the University Club on Powell St.

In a side note, this is the cable car I should’ve taken that day I went to Grace Cathedral.

from the commercial

courtesy of comic book boy

from blainefranger.com/blog

In the next scene, the vikings are eating dungeness crab at Fisherman’s Wharf. If you remember, I called this Crab Heaven in my Wharf article. Garth is standing there paying for his crab and then the other guy walks up and you can see more of the background.

I have to admit that I can’t figure out exactly where this footage was taken. I know where the wheel/sign is, but I’d have to go down there to get the exact angle. Unfortunately, I’m home with a sprained ankle, so a trip to the Wharf is not in the cards today.


The gang definitely sees all the best parts of SF, because they go to Napa Valley next. I didn’t have to work very hard to figure out this shot because the answer is in the comments if the youtube video. This is the Cuvasion Estate Winery. You can take a tour and taste the wines for $20 (1221 Duhig Road, Napa, CA. www.cuvaison.com). I think I should go there and then write about it.

eww, viking shoes in our snobby wine

courtesy of winecountrygetaways.com

The last scene in the commercial shows the vikings buying tie dye in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood. The two guys are standing very near the intersection of Haight St and Ashbury St. I used google street view to match the buildings in the background, but I wasn’t able to get the exact angle. This is another situation where I would benefit from a functioning ankle.

whoa, dude...

photo courtesy of google street view

So there you have it. I can confirm that the Capital One commercial was actually filmed on location in San Francisco. If they visit again, they should call me. I’ll be their tour guide!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimetzel84
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 15:53:48

    Hahaha! That’s true. You should avoid exercising at all costs! 🙂
    I’m so sorry you can’t see the video. I wonder who else had trouble. I may have fixed it so try again. If not, it’s on youtube with the name San Francisco Capital One.


  2. Joan Lafferty
    Sep 19, 2011 @ 13:32:07

    I always knew it was dangerous to exercise!!! Love your blog. Can’t see the commercial…is it on youtube?


  3. Mom
    Sep 17, 2011 @ 18:18:30

    This is such a cute post. But what happened to your ankle?


    • kimetzel84
      Sep 17, 2011 @ 19:31:19

      Thank you! I saw the commercial and got inspired to research it.
      I sprained my ankle when I was exercising last night. OOPS!


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