Population Demographics

I am fascinated by the diversity of people in the Bay Area. I have met so many different people from different countries and I love learning about their heritage. I met somebody that just moved here from London 7 days ago!!

Here is some data from the US Census Bureau

my favorite part is the 10,000 people per sq mi in SF

click to enlarge

My latest cultural experience came yesterday at work. My coworker brought Chinese mooncakes to share in honor of the annual Lunar Festival.

traditional Cantonese cakes on the left, Mandarin on the right

What is a mooncake? It’s a dense cake (think fruitcake) made from lotus flour that has a semi-cooked egg in the middle.

What is the Chinese Lunar Festival? It’s a celebration of the brightest full moon of the year. In Chinese custom, this is the first day of the fall harvest. This year, the bright moon shined last night, september 12 (so I guess you missed it). Traditional festivities include mooncakes, matchmaking, burning incense in reverence to deities including Chang’e, Fire Dragon Dances, and the moon rabbit.

I found out that there was a big celebration in Chinatown this past weekend. I promise I’ll go next year. www.moonfestival.org

This is one of the main reasons why I love SF. I thought I’d have a regular day at work but instead I got a lesson in Chinese culture!!


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