The Month of Fog-ust

I have never seen so much fog. I mean, in all the 26 years that I lived on the east coast, I did not see as much fog as I’ve seen this August. I wake up and there’s fog. It’s there when I come home from work, and it lingers until bedtime. Some days, it rolls over Twin Peaks like a blanket. Some days, it just hovers. Either way, it’s been weeks since I’ve seen the sun.

San Francisco has a lot of fog because it is surrounded by water on three sides. The water surrounding SF is really cold because of the arctic currents. The water cools the air over the ocean to the dew point, thus creating fog. The air over land is heated by the not-too-distant sun and it rises. This causes the cool, foggy air from the ocean to move in and replace the warm air. Everyday.

In 1968, author Harold Gilliam identified nine different summer fog varieties: wreaths and domes over Alcatraz; arches over the Golden Gate Bridge; eddies and fog falls that look like cascades over Twin Peaks in San Francisco and the Sausalito hills; surges and combers over the Peninsula and past the top of the hill in Daly City; rivers of fog at places like Candlestick Park; and the so-called fog decks, where fingers of fog skip over the bay and into Berkeley.

I just found out that my public library has a blog. Specifically, the historical archives section has a blog. Yesterday, they wrote about the fog through the ages. They pulled out photos from the archives and even a poem called “The Cool, Grey City of Love” by George Sterling. I was really inspired by this poem because it makes the fog seem romantic… almost endearing.

c. 1937. from library archives

San Francisco is known by its fog. It’s kind of an icon. So much so, that there is a radio station called KFOGthe SF Fog rugby team, a festival in Pacifica called Fog Fest, and a twitter account named @KarltheFog. I was trying to sunbathe one day when my plans were thwarted by the fog. I tweeted about it, and got a response from Karl. He apologized. Lol.

look at the crazy fog!

I have been told that I should look forward to September because that’s when the fog goes away and it gets warm. In the meantime, I’ll just laugh at all the tourists, who only packed shorts, sporting their brand new SF sweatshirts.

Here’s my time lapse video of the fog.


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