Lake Tahoe

First, I realize that Lake Tahoe is not in San Francisco. Do not post anything in the comments about geography and the state of California. I got it. Thanks.


I am posting about Lake Tahoe today because it’s close to San Francisco… as in, if you are visiting SF, you could also visit Lake Tahoe while you’re here. And trust me, you want to visit Lake Tahoe.

I went over July 4th weekend with my husband. We went to the city of South Lake Tahoe, CA which is on the (surprise) south shore of the lake, right on the Nevada border (link to google maps).


There are so many incredible activities in SLT and the scenery is just gorgeous!!! Picture a crystal-clear blue lake surrounded by snow-capped mountains. It’s amazing! I’ll admit that sometimes the concrete in SF wears me out and I need an escape to nature. It’s good for the soul.


We lounged on the beach and watched the kids on their jet skis and wake surfer things. Then we rode the gondola to the top of the mountain and went snow tubing (yes, snow in July). Then we blew $100 at the casino!


We went to Tahoe to celebrate our 5-year anniversary. During our honeymoon in 2006, we went to see Cars in the theater. It just so happen that Cars 2 came out on our 5th anniversary so we had to go see it!!! How cute is that?


There was also an Arts n Crafts fair, and a fantastic Scottish Pub, and oh yeah, FIREWORKS!! It was such a fantastic trip!!


You can see all my pictures at

Here’s a video of the snow tubing:

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