Grace Cathedral plus Food x2

I started writing this blog because I was unemployed and I needed a hobby. Over time, my mission and purpose changed, so now I’m writing for you. I know many of you have never been to San Francisco so I’m hoping to show you how beautiful it is, and hopefully, inspire you to visit.

so steep it needs stairs

Since it’s all about you, I’m am introducing new ways that I can interact with you. I have set up a Facebook fan page for this site. I will use this page to talk to you, answer questions, post pictures, and even give you sneak peaks of things to come! So please go to my Facebook page and click “Like” so I can make sure I’m writing about the things that interest you!

That being said, you may be wondering why I keep posting pictures of churches. I’ll tell you there are two reasons: (a) I am obsessed. (b) I think the churches help you see the history and character of the city. So here’s the latest: Grace Cathedral ( 1100 California St. at Taylor). This is the most gorgeous church I’ve seen so far! It looks like Notre Dame (but I make the comparison based on pictures since I’ve never been to Paris). Just FYI it’s at the top of a huge hill and I wish I’d taken the trolley instead of walking up it (gasps, wheezes).

look at the crazy fog!

view of the church across Huntington Park

I was talking to a new friend a couple weeks ago, and he asked if I had ever been to Patxi’s Pizza in Noe Valley. No, I hadn’t. And I was shocked! How could there be a pizza place in my neighborhood that I didn’t know about?!

Patxi’s Pizza is a little tiny restaurant, with a tiny sign, and I bet I walked by 100 times and never noticed it was there. It is located on the 24th street “strip” (pronounced PAY-cheese. 4042 24th St. Noe Valley). They serve authentic, Chicago-style, deep-dish pizza. My husband and I ate there last week with the aforementioned new friend and his lovely wife. The 4 of us split the spinach-pesto-chicken pizza and also a pepperoni, but couldn’t finish it all!

Thanks to Patxi’s, I am now a deep-dish snob. Why would I settle for regular old pizza when I can have a “heap” of pizza?! Deep-dish is so amazing and Patxi’s makes it scrumptious! Seriously y’all, look at this:

What’s that? You say you want another restaurant review? You got it!
I’ve eaten a lot of chinese food in my lifetime. A lot. And I was convinced that it’s all the same and it’s all terrible (so why do I eat so much?). Well, I am here to inform you that there is a Chinese restaurant here in SF that has really amazing food. Seriously, the. best. chinese food I’ve ever had!!

Red Jade is located in the Castro neighborhood at the corner of Market and Church ( 245 Church St). I ordered the same thing I always order: sesame chicken, general tso’s chicken (for my sweetie), pot stickers, and egg rolls. But this time is was awesome! I actually “mmmm”ed out loud. I will never again eat at [the chinese takeout place down the street]; I’m getting my chinese fix at Red Jade from now on.

OK, that’s it for this week. Don’t forget to LIKE me on Facebook!


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