Friendly Neighborhood Burger Joint

Last night, my husband and I went to dinner at Barney’s (4138 24th St between Diamond and Castro. This is a little burger joint in our neighborhood that I have walked by 100 times, but never stopped in. It’s a house that’s been turned into a restaurant with big french doors that open to the patio. Back in October, when it was warm, I’d walk by and they’d have the doors open creating a hybrid indoor/outdoor kind of feel. And there’d be people out on the patio eating and drinking and it looked so inviting!!! Last night it was chilly so they had the doors closed (see in the picture?), but I’ll be sure to go back some night when the weather’s nice.

see it’s a house

So I already knew it was a fun place to eat, but last night I learned that it’s a delicious place to eat. The menu offers several different kinds of hamburger, i.e., beef, chicken, turkey, and even veggie, and 100 different ways to fix it up. I had trouble wading through the extensive “specialty burgers” list and choosing just one! And the salad menu is equally impressive. Their website says that all the ingredients are fresh and the meat, bread, and vegetables are delivered daily. If you are watching what you eat, sometimes it can be uncomfortable to go out to eat with friends. No need to fret anymore! Barney’s is absolutely the place to go out if you want to eat healthy but not feel weird about it. Everyone in your party can be happy there! One more thing to mention, the spicy curly fries come with a homemade ranch dressing that is so good you could drink it!!! Okay, that’s all.

courtesy of

Now I need to say something more serious. Recently, I’ve become stressed about money. Mostly because of ….

taken on 4/21/11

I think about money all the time, how I’m gonna pay my bills, and what it would be like to have more. I find that I’m constantly anticipating the next phase of life when I am financially stable. I say things like “When I get a raise, then I’ll…”, or “Once I pay off the car, then I can…” Constantly waiting. Well, I learned something this week. That is a very. destructive. way to live. I sit around wishing for more instead of being thankful for the things I have. I count the days until I’m debt free, instead of seizing the day.

I live in San Francisco, which is one of the most expensive places to live in the US, but it is also one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t cost a dime to go out and marvel at the Golden Gate Bridge, or listen to the waves crashing on the beach. Instead of whining about gas prices, I should invite some friends over to play board games. And instead of fretting about my bills, I should praise the Lord that I have a roof over my head!!!

In every life we have some trouble
When you worry you make it double…

(now everybody together…)
Don’t worry. Be happy!

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