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Today, I want to tell you about a really cool museum called the Exploratorium. The Exploratorium is a science museum that is dedicated to education, discovery, and above all, fun! There are lots of fun interactive exhibits that help you learn about electricity and physics and even histology!!! (yes, I had a little science-gasm). I especially loved the sound wave learning exhibit. It’s a fish tank filled with water with a speaker pushed up against the side. When you turn on the music, the speaker vibrates the tank, moves the water, and allows you to visualize the sound wave. It’s really cool.

courtesy of facebook.com/exploratorium

Another neat thing is the huge exhibit testing room where employees create new displays for the museum. You get to watch them tinker and play with all their physics equipment. And upstairs there is a biology lab where you can watch the scientists. They have a microscope hooked up to a big TV screen so you can see a magnified image of skin cells or plant fibers.

courtesy of facebook.com/exploratorium

The Exploratorium is open Tue-Sun and admission is $15 for adults ($10 for the young’ns). I highly recommend that you go on the first Wednesday of the month because admission is FREE! And here’s another helpful tip if you’re visiting the city: you can buy this thing called a City Pass and get saves you 50% on admission to five famous SF museums PLUS a 7-day Muni pass. It’s a *really good* deal, especially if you like art and stuff.

courtesy of creativecommons.com

It’s in a giant airplane hanger located in the Marina District right next to the Palace of Fine Arts (3601 Lyon St www.exploratorium.edu). There is a ton of free parking so no worries about trying to find a bus etc. You can also follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Flickr.

I had the opportunity to attend a party at the Exploratorium. It was, by far, the funnest party I’ve attended all year!! It was a launch party for SocialCam. Of course there was food and drinks, but also a live band, a trampoline, and a real-life Angry Birds game. I had a lot of fun because we could wander around and play with the exhibits during the party. So it gave us something to do and something to talk about. If you’re thinking about throwing a bash sometime, you should definitely have it at the Exploratorium!

In the News:
San Francisco’s Exploratorium earned the National Science Board’s 2011 Public Service award for its “unique contributions to increasing public understanding of science and technology.”

Google donated $2 million each to the Exploratorium and the California Academy of Sciences, part of $12 million in donations it’s made to science museums…This is the first time the company made such a large gift to such institutions.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Joan Lafferty
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 19:14:36

    I remember taking Chad and Kristen there when they visited San Francisco many, many years ago. Amy and Bill were newlyweds and lived in the Marina District. Chad and KK did their version of “Aladdin” from the second floor and we watched on the big mirror on the first floor. The memory is still vivid. Love San Francisco. Chad, did we do virtual bowling or was that somewhere else?


  2. Amy Hsieh
    Apr 30, 2011 @ 16:42:13

    I like the Exploratorium tons more than the CA Academy of Sciences. Just fyi. There are always HUGE lines at the CA Academy of Sciences. xoxo AA


  3. Theo
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 13:49:19

    I know I could spend hours in that place! I’d love to visit next time I’m in San Fran.


    • kimetzel84
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 14:01:40

      There’s a second museum called the California Academy of Sciences. I’ll have to visit that one and write about it. Then we can do both next time you’re here!


  4. John
    Apr 24, 2011 @ 23:00:25

    Cool! I love Angry Birds!


    • kimetzel84
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 13:59:55

      John, if you love angry birds (and who doesn’t?) you would have DIED when you saw this game they had set up. They had a real-life slingshot with the plush birds. It was awesome! I know you’re busy so it means a lot to me that you read my blog. 🙂


  5. Amy Hsieh
    Apr 23, 2011 @ 15:02:47

    Kim – Love that you had such a great time at the Exploratorium. We have enjoyed many hours there sans and avec enfants! xoxo AA


    • kimetzel84
      Apr 25, 2011 @ 14:05:50

      I can tell that the primary audience of the museum is “enfants”, but it’s still fun even for adults! I could’ve spent the whole day there!


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