Driving Across the Golden Gate Bridge

The weather in SF has been gorgeous this week!! It’s been warm and sunny for 5 days, and I even ate lunch outside on work days! The sunshine really makes my heart happy!

photo courtesy of photography.by.ROEVER

On Wednesday, I took the long way home from work so I could drive across the Golden Gate bridge. This is probably the most highly anticipated activity for SF tourists. I’m sure that you’ll want to do it too, if you come visit. My goal here is to give you some extra information so you get the most out of your bridge driving experience. (FYI: I didn’t take pix while driving, so I had to get pix off the internet. Thanks to those whose pix I used)

First of all, there’s a toll. You’ll have to pay $6 during peak hours and $5 the rest of the time. I know this seems steep, but take heart. It’s only half the price of a ticket to a Giants game. They only accept cash. If you don’t have any cash, you can ask them to mail you a bill…but be prepared for the attendant to scowl at you when you ask.

Second, the lanes of traffic on the bridge can be changed depending on traffic flow, so be alert. In the mornings, there are 4 lanes going into the city and 2 going out. In the afternoons, there are 2 in and 4 out. I recommend going across in the middle of the day to avoid the rush hour traffic.

photo courtesy of http://www.silverstripe.com

And finally, the lanes are really narrow and nerve-racking. If you are planning to drive across, you should do it as a group. That way, one person can drive while the others gawk, then switch drivers on the way back. When I went across, I was by myself. I had to focus so much attention to the road and the other drivers that I didn’t get to enjoy the view.

But I will say that if you’re planning to come to SF, you should drive across the bridge. It is a beautiful view going across, and even prettier when you get to the north shore (the city of Sausalito. I’ll go sometime and blog about it). You also have the option to rent a bike and ride across, or you could just walk.

Time for a new restaurant review!

Last night, I went to dinner at Ristorante Milano in the Pacific Heights neighborhood (1448 Pacific www.milanosf.com). This is a teeny tiny little Italian restaurant, with a tiny kitchen to match. Because of the tiny kitchen, they have a very limited menu: 5 appetizers, a few soup and pasta dishes, and 6 entrees. Personally, I liked this because it made my decision easier (I am the most indecisive person on earth). I had the Tonnarelli alla Capricciosa (Housemade pasta in light cream sauce with porcini mushrooms and Italian sausage. Pronounced cap-ree-CHOZ-uh). It was so. dang. amazing! They serve bread to dip in olive oil at the beginning and that was amazing too! Since the place is so small, it’s pretty loud in there. And it’s hard to get a reservation because of the limited seating. But you should definitely visit this restaurant!! Goodness me, it was so good!


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