The Capital of the Hippies

I had an interesting conversation with my dad when he was here. I was trying to be a tour guide and point out areas of interest around town. I drove through the Haight-Asbury neighborhood and began to tell them about the hippie movement, but my dad interrupted and reminded me that he was alive in the 1960’s. I realized that he knows more about the history of the area than I do (he should probably write this blog post).

The Haight-Ashbury neighborhood was the scene of the Summer of Love in 1967 and the center of hippie culture. Today it still shows its history. There is a definite bohemian vibe in the neighborhood created by all the local shops and restaurants and the art and graffiti on the buildings.

I think this is a really fun neighborhood to take a stroll and observe the scenery. If it’s a pretty day, you should get a slice from Escape from New York Pizza (1737 Haight St. and sit outside and watch the people go by. I recommend the potato pesto pizza!

The title of this post comes from an article by Hunter S. Thompson in the New York Times Magazine. (“The Hashbury is the Capital of the Hippies” (May 1967); republished in Gonzo Papers, Vol. 1: The Great Shark Hunt: Strange Tales from a Strange Time (1979), pp 392-394)

All the pictures were taken by my friend, Sarah, who hung out the window of my car and took pictures as I drove down Haight St.

In June, there will be a festival called the Haight Ashbury Street Fair with “three stages offering live entertainment; a six-block Vending Area featuring arts & crafts, food and other merchandise; an area dedicated to the entertainment of families with children; and an opportunity to celebrate with many other like-minded people.”

This is a youtube video that gives a good impression of life in Haight-Ashbury during the 1960’s.

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